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  • rugsnowbally rugsnowbally Apr 5, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    apple went from best tech company to mediocre in 2 years

    an amazing feat actually given their lead. with just a handful of products to manage and all the resources one could ask for, they apparently cannot get out of their own way; siri, maps, and new itunes being examples. the company, just 2 years ago, had the world by the shorthairs: when you wanted a phone or tablet or pc 2 years ago, there was NO question you were going to buy from apple, PERIOD. now? now, you look around. even blackberry is back in the picture. heck, i will go out on a limb and say that even MSFT is back in the picture. given the quality of apple's products recently, i will say that i just might consider a windows machine! for me that was unthinkable just 2 years ago. take a look at the new itunes interface, which is imo UNUSABLE, to get an idea of what i'm talking about. something is really wrong over at apple.

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    • Your points are somewhat valid, although not the Blackberry or MSFT points (those guys are done). The company has fallen on tough times, with Cook at the lead. Keep in mind many of the issues, including iCloud, Maps, and Iphone 5 were as much under development with Jobs as Cook.

      The fact remains, this company needs to innovate. End of story. I really do not care if they return cash to shareholders, as long as that cash is improving the supply chain, open for strategic acquisitions, and R&D.

      The race is still really Samsung and Apple. All Apple needs to do is offer a wow product. The questions remains, do they have it in the cards. The next 6-12 months will tell us.

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      • apple does need to offer a wow product, but they can't even make itunes usable. have you seen the latest itunes? i've been using apple for two decades, i can't even figure out how to use the new itunes! it's over! something is very wrong there!

        as for blackberry and msft, they are on their last legs. jobs had killed them both, deservedly. but let me ask you: with apple now mediocre and just another blah company, i think both msft and rimm come back. they still have a large base and a lot of nostalgic legacy. i know not where things go for them, but a few good moves and they could be right back into the game. don't believe for a second that their employees don't see this chance.

        apple, with 70% of their profit from iphones, is going to be in a world of hurt in a short while. that iphone5 was a disaster if you ask me.

    • A brilliant man built an empire and legacy, It fell into the hands of Cook. It took a awhile, but the light has shined on mediocrity.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Separately, Jobs was brilliant. But the aforementioned points I made about Iphone 5, Maps, iCloud were under Jobs. Jobs proclaimed "iCloud just works." Guess what, it doesnt. Jobs helped develop Iphone 5, which caught zero buzz as the industry moved to a larger screen. Samsung is rolling right now because of it.

      • i could tell it was all wrong as soon as i picked up the new iphone and felt how light it was. i remember thinking, omg, jobs would kill somebody for this if he could. for years jobs made that iphone HEAVY because he was a genius, not because he couldn't find or afford the lightweight parts. some idiot over at apple thought he or she knew better.

        here's apple in a nutshell: their new phone has siri, a joke, maps, an apology deserving joke, a featherweight body and a long banana shape (while samsung makes a wider screen for movies)

    • And this post went into the trash in two minutes....

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