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  • yellowfintunafish yellowfintunafish Apr 5, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

    hmm this price seems ridiculous for this company

    unless they r about to drop a bomb this is insane. i've seen blackberry phones and everyone i know that has them HATES them. how is that company in business. I've seen the new samsung as well I don't get it. I asked my 12 year old daughter about what phones the kids have at school. everyone wants an aapl. u r not cool if u don't own an iphone no matter what series it is. all her friends have imacs as well. wall street is absolutely pathetic. the problem is cook has no track record t with the mutual and hedge funds. i think he gets a year to prove himself. the silence and communication as of late is terrible and wall street will continue to sell the stock. mr cook needs to realize environments change and this is not the job's era but the cook era. it was an abomination to let the company get into a position where as it had to kowtow to the chinese. i don't think job's would have let this happen. this is a consumer product company as much as it is a tech company. downgrading the stock here seems egregiously absurd but then that's why wall street gets paid the big bucks. technically this has a chance to flush to 360 since the ssentiment has gotten as bad as i've ever seen for a company that earns so much. never in my 25 years of trading have i seen such a profitable company drop 40% in a straight line. AAPL never traded at huge valuations like msft csco intc. Generally these behemoths at least have 30-40-50% rallies as they crater. AAPL had one less than 20% rally i believe 505 to 595 otherwise its been a bloodbath. anyway this seems ridiculously cheap.

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    • Long term who cares if Warren Buffet does not care at this price. If there is value here, we should see some big names buying. I think Cook needs more than a track record. He needs to step up the PR be more visible.Not just hiding behind the curtains. AAPL's image has be tarnished so badly in the last 3 months. Everyone i speak to is either looking to switch outside of iPhones or not planning to upgrade unless there is a major change in the software/harware/device. AAPL still rollsout features to 3 version down the line. While it does help existing users, it does not transform to a sale. Secondly, they need to make profit by churning volume. Becoming a volume producer does not mean becoming a cheap manufacturer. Imagine the lost sales because of low inventory or not being cost competent. You don't need to slash a lot but you should slash enough to get a lot. When iPhone was first introduced it cost 800, then 600, then 200 with contract. They need to make some changes in their hardware to get it down to 100 for the entry point. If they do it, then i am sure APPL will be more than 45% user-base by next yr.

      I am long and down

    • Couldn't agree more. Jump in.

    • levinstein Apr 5, 2013 5:52 PM Flag

      Still expensive. You probably don't realize, yet, that aapl has nothing new in the pipeline. NOTHING
      Jobs is dead and so the company

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