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  • biglefthook_00 biglefthook_00 Apr 6, 2013 7:54 AM Flag

    Most important number is $50

    That is the value AAPl will bring by selling cheaper iPhones to merging markets.

    Since we are talking about numbers...$74 is the positive cash flow since March 11 if one shorted or sold GOOG and AMZN and went long AAPL.

    $225 is the cash in your pocket IF you bought AAPL at $600 and followed my suggestions trading Jan 2013 and 2014 covered calls.

    April 23 is Earnings date for AAPL... the Thur before, experiment with GOOG on paper , whatever. At 3:30 that Thursday, sell the present market covered call..if the stock is $800...sell the Jan 2014 $800 call for $60+.

    then BUY not that week's but the FOLLOWING week's corresponding call and put for probably in total $25 - $ this example's case $800.
    then that FRiday and previous Monday, etc following the values...

    If you understand or feel comfortable..try the same with AAPL that Tue, April 23 at 3:30

    Jan 2014 options move 30 t0 40% f market price action compared the 110 %move of near term options...this sis why it worked last quarter.

    PPrint off this post....I may be on to something good in progress

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    • this new strategy was discussed last quarter and was even very profitable days afterward as well.

      But like anything, one must watch and learn before engaging.

      Yes, I have perviously suggested selling Jan 2014, this may need "fine tuning"..closing out that sale IF it means a profit and selling a lower strike price, or doing nothing.

      This can be done with any MOMENTUM STOCK that trades within a large trading basis.

      It has no prejudice...both UPSIDE and DOWNSIDE action is covered at NO COST.

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      • What do you mean "No Cost". Last I checked, for every 1 covered call option you are talking about at 600, you are buying $60,000 worth of stock, minus option premium.
        Also, if you bot AAPL @600 and got $50, even $100 for the call you sold, you are underwater, even if the calls decayed down to zero. You have a cost basis of 550, maybe 500 on a $423 equity. I'm apparently not following.

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