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  • thebookstar1 thebookstar1 Apr 8, 2013 3:39 PM Flag


    And today, the gays have pushed their noses into every chamber of government and every entitlement and social security status too. because europe and asia would not have anything that is close to our favorable treatment of gays, expect a huge inflow of gays from every corner of the world to flock to america and gain government gay status and further drain every gov. Benefit and soc. Security and take advantage of insurance and other benefits that were meant for americans. wake up america, you are laying down and letting the gays run you over and steal you blind. you and your children will have nothing at age 65 and retirement. and, apple is led by a gay queen, another example of gays infiltrating the fabric of our country. they crawl in side doors and back doors and then they destroy. apple is a case 1 example of gays destroying a business by creating what else but a gay product .... Gay iwatch. and, who do you think this product was targeted to america!!!??? Answer: the gay community, certainly not the heterocommunity, right? i wouldn't be seen with a cutesy gay iwatch on my wrist. a straight guy could get the crxx kicked out of him for wearing something like that. get real apple, get real gays, get real america!!! stop trying to change things for the sake of change and trying to improve something. some things need to remain the same in america. and, we should all appreciate that concept. since the governement can't change the ammendments with much ease, they need to show they are employable and doing something productive. so what do they do, they get involved with gays and the gay community. how #$%$ is that!!!???

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    • If you didn't bash them so much the cause would of progressed at a snail pace. But since your Hittler attitude against race, gender, and sexual orientation has brought to the place we are at. You have no one to blame but yourself.

    • Amen And Amen and AMEN

    • horawitz Apr 8, 2013 3:47 PM Flag

      Yes, unfortunately that subset....just like every minority, is not satisfied until they are perceived and accommodated like the majority. They can not be happy until everyone kowtows to them and their ideologies. The number of lawsuits against the military is up 300% since don't ask don't tell was abolished and 94% of them are by homoboys refusing to do what the sergeant told them to they sue to get out out of the service.

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      • You are So right on with all your comments. Did you notice that 3 message board posters gave your reply a thumbs down? Isn't it interesting how no one wants to opening discuss this, other than the two of us? And, yet 3 people will bash our comments but say nothing at all in the form of a reply. We live in a very dangerous world!!! And, our government's mis-handling of the "GAY CARD" is going to be a house of cards that one day will come falling down on our entire society. I really don't like to think negatively, as I'm genreally a very positive and open minded person. However, this is one group that should not be receiving favorable treatment from the government and Soc. Security. This will only further leverage our already tipping point government entitlement programs, the U.S. debt load, etc...

    • I am straight. I want to make that clear. After seeing what all the straights have done to everything in our country I am willing to have them take a shot at fixing things.

    • gunclub84 Apr 8, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

      i wear a breitling, iwatch is for queens.

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