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  • rneil2280 rneil2280 Apr 12, 2013 3:30 AM Flag

    Please Do not underestimate Tim Cook!!!

    Tim Cook does not run this corp alone. He is being watched by all. I have learned that one invests in a company because a) they have a product making money and b) they have confidence in management. I have sold equities due to loss of confidence in management. One sale was google and I have not gotten back in. While my confidence in google management has increased since I sold (and yes....I was LONG and did well...I could have sold a bit earlier and did a bit better....but I am not a pig), I lost confidence when Google took on the Chinese AND Apple at the same time. My thinking at time...why take on two Goliaths at same time. Too much. And since Google offers no dividend, there is no need for me to jump back in now. Apple has a load of cash, products in pipeline, they are making a ton of money...and it will come back. I see Google going to 600 and some....and I see Apple going to 600 and some. I had bought Apple at 300 and change and sold at about 680. I got back in at about 420. And I am staying lomg and I have done my research. If ever a day comes when I think Tim Cook should get the boot.....I promise....I will say it LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!!

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    • If YOU think tim cook should get fired, you will tell everyone? You will? thats awesome, i can rest easy now. phew.... anyway, aapl is still a powerhouse DESPITE tim cook. he has been terrible & if aapl hadnt been the best company in the world before he took over & if it wasnt for the huge cash stockpile, both of which had fairly little to do w/ cook, he would be shitcanned ... i still like the stock & think a strong run is long overdue & coming soon ....

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    • That's a cowardly copout. Tim cook is the CEO and he has a lot of leverage in what he can do and say. The guy has no guts. Watch the iPhone 5S, I bet money it's gonna look identical in form factor as the 5. That would make it 4 full generations with basically the same look and same UI.

      Look at phones like the HTC ONE or some of Nokia's new phones like the 928, they blow away the iPhone in looks cause they're fresh and new looking. The CEO makes the final call on any new design or product and cookie has failed miserably in this regard like he has in every other aspect of his job.

      The guy is acting scared, he can't do anything right cause he's worried he'll get fired so he's being an idiot which will make his fear come true. Get that bum out and put a real man in his place, a product guy like jobs not some clown bean counter cheapskate like Cookie.

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    • The stock has dropped more then 35 percent in the past few months. Tim Cook hasnt said a word. Apple guided lower for the quarter and if they miss apple will crash... probably 20 percent or more.

      If apple cant make money they will go out of business and apple stock will become near worthless.

      I dont know how you can have so much confidence in a company that has for the past several earnings reports have failed to make money and failed to meet expetations.

      Tim Cook will be out of a job if apple keeps crashing like this. Im getting the impression Tim Cook doesnt care about the company... time and time again they cant even keep up with demand and because of that apple has lost a lot of sales. Im sure there are lots of people who decided to buy other products because apple didnt have their products in stock. He says nothing while the stock crashes. The company is making less money now then they did a year ago..

      How exactly does all of this make you confident in Tim Cook... He has so much money he can live out the rest of his life and never have to work.. He has a lot of money.. He doesnt care about apple

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      • levinstein Apr 12, 2013 6:27 AM Flag

        The stock is up 20% since he's CEO. So far he's doing a great job. Of course, there creating that got it above $500 but its not his fault.

      • "failed to make money" - most laughable line I've ever seen.

      • I am not arguing with all you say. You are right that perhaps they HAVE missed some earnings or been late with a product launch. But you are WRONG. They are making a ton of money. They recently had their best q in APP sales....I think 2 billion. Apple is not going to crash. The fundamentals are just not there. And I know what I'm talking about. As I said.....if ever I think Tim Cook is really mismanaging the corp...I will tell you loud and clear and put my name on it! Tim Cook cares about Apple. And yes I am sure he is loaded. And I do understand how you feel. One thing that you said does not make sense.....Apple has lost sales because they cannot keep up on demad. Perhaps on a micro level....but not on a macro level. I KNOW THAT. Just be patient. If I sell...I WILL TELL YOU!!!!! PROMISE.

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