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  • aqua_lina2002 aqua_lina2002 Apr 20, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Why is GOOG's ER always liked more than APPL's?

    Even when they do not have same profit and same revenue as apple.
    If it was apple that announced same report as google 2 days ago, their stock would have been in more deep red.
    Same wall street, different standards.
    Manipulation I guess.

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    • Not even the right question. Why are AMZN's losses more liked than Apple profits??????????? Someone enlighten me. I don't see that potential that everyone is talking about...but I see real profits in AAPL.

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      • calls_them_as_i_see_them calls_them_as_i_see_them Apr 20, 2013 11:34 PM Flag

        Yeah AAPL makes 10X the profits now that AMZN WONT make 10 yrs from now yet WS pays up for AMZN. Amazing.

      • what is amazing is that WS buys into AMZN b***s forward growth, AMZN ex-cash forward PE is 172!!!!! going forward AMZN is expected to double its market share for the next 7 years so from a 100B company to 200B to 400B to 800B etc... aint going to happen AMZN is a big huge bubble and the media clowns and idiotic analysts are pumping this comapn for some years now. AMZN for now makes no money and why should beloved Bezos will change the tune, if WS criminals are allowing him to b**s forward income once the spending is done. Everytime we here that AAPL is not realiticly valued to bigbla bla bla yet AMZN is priced correctly at 172 PE ? when is WS going to demand AMZN show me the money ? Absurd and frustrating to see AAPL with the 3rd ever Q ever reported in the market is being dragged by the market 50% haircut just because the anal-ysts were not realistic. To all those media clowns AAPL beat every number they gave not what WS dreamed. Even with their dreams AAPL was never treated fairly by WS even when growing 100% the for some years the PE kept shrinking this is the lowest PE ever being given to the company, Even stapels companies with 0-5% growth like MCD WMT KO are given PE of 15 that is absurd to see AAPL being given a Pe of 5 ex-cash With 180B$ in cash anfd a div of almost 3% that is absurd. MSFT is giving 3% div and a PE of 15 during the 5 years MSFT net grew by 50% during the 5 years from 2008 AAPL net gres by 500% while PE of AAPL sharnk MSFT PE grew.

      • Adding up Amazon's lifetime earnings as a cumulative figure, it doesn't even compare to Apple's profits in its most recent single quarter. Chew on that...yum yum...

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