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  • calls_them_as_i_see_them calls_them_as_i_see_them Apr 21, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    You All Want Cook Fired? Careful What You Wish For..

    I think we can all agree that Cook has done a lousy job with stock price. He also has been doing a sub par job managing everything else. However, calling for his head could have dire consequences. Look what happened when Jobs got fired. New CEO drove company straight into the ground. Same thing could happen here. Suppose other execs and perhaps talent like Jonny Ives would decide to leave as well if Cook got the boot? Something to think about.

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    • JEWSlove putting words in other people's mouths.

    • My $0.02: Firing a CEO is something you do when the company is in serious trouble or the CEO has really screwed up. It's not something that's done because the market's being irrational. If he was fired, to me it would signal that the market has been right, Apple's in trouble, and attempting to restart is better than continuing forward. It would certainly not be a sign of confidence that would make me want to buy in now. It seems to me that those calling for him to be fired are either irrational or seeking punishment instead of raising the stock price. If there is evidence that he is consistently making decisions that are bad for earnings, that's one thing, but making him the scapegoat for pessimistic traders is silly.

    • eric_fu Apr 21, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

      No. This has been the case for two years eternity for shareholders. He knows exactly what will happen and he continues to posture the exact same demeanor. The stock has been killed after each miss but he continues to be passive and refuses to protect the current shareholders. If you actually had shares you would realize this.

    • He failed on many levels.
      1-Why would he fire Scott Forstall? Why S.F. has to apologize for Mapgate publicly? Who's the CEO? Did Bob Mansfield apologize for iMac delays? Did Papermaster apologize for anntenagate? No, he got fired, but he had just joined a year before that. S.F had been with Apple more than a decade, like him or hate him.
      2-He did not deliver on iTV. S.J. said, he cracked the code 2 yrs ago. How much longer are we have to wait?
      3-Why would he apologize to China? Apple's return policy is the same worldwide. Big mistake! stand up and defend your ground. apology is not the answer to every issue that pops up. Admitting guilt is the worst form of failure when it gets to be repeating itself.

    • If that happened, at least we can say it was tried. To do nothing, is plain stupidity!

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