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  • sameas55 sameas55 Apr 22, 2013 7:54 AM Flag

    Broken market!!

    Make no mistake, the people who want Tim Cook's head on a spike are not friends of Apple. As far as I know, he still has the deep respect of the analysts who know the company best and -- most important -- the loyalty of the board of directors who granted a million restricted shares of Apple as an incentive for him to stick around for at least a decade.
    For the record, Apple is still trading higher today that it was when Cook replaced Steve Jobs. The forces that drove the stock up to over $700 and then down to below $390 seem to me to have more to do with a dysfunctional securities market than anything Cook has done as CEO.
    "The market is crying uncle and something has got to give," says Oracle Investment's Laurence Isaac Balter, who has been banging the "Cook must go" drum for weeks.
    "If a stock rally hits on this rumor before earnings it will be a sign for sure."
    Now that's rich.

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    • Earlier today, we reported that the Wall Street consensus was that Apple’s profit in this last quarter probably shrank for the first time in a decade, and that results will be even more dire next quarter, with iPhone sales units being extremely low.
      But Wall Street’s pessimism in regards to Apple is, as usual, nuts. For Apple to perform as low as Wall Street thinks it will next quarter, Apple would have to show zero growth in the iPhone market compared to the same spring quarter a year ago. This would rank it as one of the smartphone industry’s worst disasters ever. Which is crazy, because Apple’s selling more iPhones than ever.
      In a thoughtful piece on Wall Street skepticism over at BGR, the absurdity of Wall Street’s negativity is well spelled out: for Apple to do as poorly this quarter as Wall Street anticipates, it would need zero volume growth during a time in which smartphone shipments have soared by 30% year-over-year.

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    • Don't blame the market. It's totally Apple's fault. Decelerating revenue growth rate, crushed margin, year to year earnings decline, indecision about cash, no additional buyback (If Apple doesn't think the current share price is cheap enough to invest in themselves by buying back more shares, why should investors buy?), passive marketing strategy getting beat like a sick dog by Samsung, no effective communication from CEO and management besides empty promises........ Aren't these good reasons to be bearish on Apple?

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