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  • agrawalbooks agrawalbooks Apr 25, 2013 1:00 AM Flag

    Does Samsung have a Steve Jobs we do not know?

    I think this company has a hidden Steve Jobs. Maybe a group of people who have the same mentality of Steve Jobs. Apple better get its act together. Cook should hire back ios chief Scott Forstall. Or Forstall should be made CEO. Bean counters cannot run a high tech company these days.

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    • They cloned Steve Jobs before he passed away. They may have created many Steve Jobs clones

      Are you happy now?!

    • Samsung doesn't need a Steve Jobs. That's not how those fast moving asian companies work. They don't truly innovate - they copy, reduce expenses, make things bigger where they need to and smaller where they need to. That's what they do - and they are very successful at it. Steve Jobs literally "did his job" and innovated the modern touch-screen smartphone. He gave it birth - Just like Henry Ford with the Automobile....but Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Kia will end-up making them - it's what they do. Smartphones are no different.....and way more attractive due to the small size and relatively high selling price.

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      • jim Apr 25, 2013 2:32 AM Flag

        jobs did not "truly innovate" either ....he copied the nokia and samsung phone internet functions and added a touch screen ....some ppl prefer bmw some benzos ....both german but can anyone tell who is copying who ? they usually have the same features and shapes ....these are design trends ....unless you invent a technology, there really is no innovation, least of all jobs......woz was the true innovator, jobs was an opportunist who screwed woz.

      • What you speak is true. But competing cultures or companies copy each other all the time. During Renaissance, Venice would steal technologies from Genoa and Pisa and others. The other cities would reciprocate and steal or bribe technologies from Venice. It is human nature. I was in Barcelona, Picaso and other artists would adopt other artists style into their own.

    • Why is it there is always people who want to compare people are sports teams to others?
      Why can't you judge people or teams by who they are? Everybody has thier own personality.

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