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  • ericy0719 ericy0719 May 2, 2013 12:15 AM Flag

    China Mobile to launch 4G LTE in August! Apple will sign carrier deal with CHL in current quarter.

    China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator, is said to be aiming to launch its LTE network — which would be the first 4G service in China — for public usage by August of this year, according to Chinese media reports.

    An ‘informed’ source told Chinese website CWW [link in Chinese] that China Mobile is hoping to receive approval for the LTE-TD network by May 17, which would enable it to launch for consumers from as early as August.

    The operator has previously said that it will begin releasing 4G-compliant devices during the third-quarter of 2013, and, in preparation for the launch, it has already deployed more than 200,000 LTE-TD base stations across 150 different locations in the country. The operator is said to be ready to open the tender for its LTE-TD equipment — including MiFi routes, smartphones, etc — from next month.

    Late last year, China said it would license LTE networks this year, but China Mobile is hoping to steal a march on its China Unicom and China Telecom — its two rivals — which are enjoying success with 3G.

    China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA 3G network has proved difficult for the operator since it requires devices that run on it to include in-built support for the unique network, something that Apple — for one — has not done. That has left China Mobile as the only Chinese operator without a deal with Apple, and that’s one factor that has helped Unicom in particular, which was Apple’s sole operator partner in China for some time, grow its 3G user base at a more rapid rate than China Mobile.

    China Mobile’s total user base of 726 million is far ahead of China Unicom (251 million subscribers) and China Telecom (168 million), but the numbers for 3G users alone are closer: China Mobile: 115 million, China Unicom: 88 million, and China Telecom: 78 million.

    This time around, the LTE-TD standard is a global one — China Telecom and Clearwire are just two of the many Global TD-LTE Initiative members — and that will make things a great deal easier when it

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    • I do importing electronics to China, Lately China has ban all electronic into China. I believe that apply to Iphones and Ipad too, even it is asemble locally. It will be for while before they lift the ban

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    • Having the China Mobile to sign on is far fetch cause it has to go thru chinese gov. huddles just like any foreign cos. Besides what does AAPL to offer China Mobile in return, you don't expect to do business with Chinese co without paying a huge price I meant bribs the local officials.

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    • PUMPTARDS pumping cause thats all they know how to do. All those tmobile customers really helped the stock price, LMAO. If China mobile was that big a deal its already priced in, this is just rampant pumptardism.

    • Time for aapl to sign their margin away and ruin their business model. Time for tyhe stock to drop evcen further!

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    • Uhhh...its not like flipping a switch and presto 4G LTE everywhere. They are rolling out test cities. Besides they already have iPhones in China/HK. This 4G LTE is a bigger deal to china mobil than Apple.

    • "done deal" with todays carrier news.

      With over three quarters of net new mobile growth in emerging markets, if Apple is ever to get its stock back to the $700 heights of summer 2012, it needs a less expensive and more carrier-friendly product suite. That’s coming this summer, according to Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets, and just in time.

      The three major Chinese carriers reported subscriber growth for April 2013 today, and wireless subscribers rose 13 percent year-over-year to 1.16 billion. Fast wireless subscribers using 3G connection speeds rose 84 percent to 293.1 million.

      And that’s the critical number.

      The major competition right now between China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom will drive China Mobile, the grandaddy of mobile in the Middle Kingdom, to finally adopt the iPhone … and offer Apple’s iDevices to its 730 million mobile subscribers. That’s a deal that Apple and China Mobile have not been able to consummate since 2009, and it could be the deal that kickstarts Apple into massive growth outside its U.S. market once again. Especially given the fierce competition between carriers in China.

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      • Even one of the senators talking to Tim Cook today interjected "China Mobile" into the conversation--saying to Tim (paraphrasing) " you are trying to get the China Mobile deal done-aren't you? that would be very advantageous to Apple" of course Tim couldn't and didn't respond. One would logically conclude a deal is coming in the near future!!!!!!

    • " Apple will sign carrier deal with CHL in current quarter. "

      You're over-stepping here. There's nothing at this juncture but speculation as to how Apple's participation will play out. One can assume that Apple will be a player, but thus far, the compatible network technology has not been revealed. Apple has other hurdles besides the technology ... not the least of which is the ongoing hassles they're having with the Chinese Gov't. If the gov't decides to emphasize homegrown carrier devices over Apple, we've got a real problem. They're going to continue to squeeze Apple mgmt to do their bidding, and if Cook doesn't play ball, they can turn off the faucet at will. We're not dealing with a democratic regime here, after all.

    • It will be significant if CM joins in the ROW standards. However it cuts both ways and opens the floodgates for much less expensive smartphones that have larger screens than Apple. In order for Apple to be large in China they will need to drastically cut margins and must leave the profits in China. Maybe a good but not great prospect altogether.

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