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  • mikeylucky7 mikeylucky7 May 14, 2013 12:42 AM Flag

    Complete idiots buying here! Why would you buy aapl now? Seriously! Tell me I want to know.

    Please tell me why you longs are buying here. Here is why you need to be short or will lose your money soon. These are fact that longs cannot explain away. AAPL cannot fix them either. :
    Profits down first time this year. Past aapl went up 100% in some years. Those years profit was up not down! Those years revenues were up, this year they are down! New products were very cool and people waited in lines everywhere to buy them. This year they don't exist and the TV watch or iphone upgrades are a joke.

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    • short it short it short it short it short it short it

      You have all the formula.

    • From all your answers to this question (buy low-sell high; business model of greatest company on earth; successful entities continue to succeed; etc), how come there are still more sellers than buyers and Apple share is still low? Does it mean that GS, JPM, MS and many other hedge funds doesn't understand the market? Someone is lying to himself here guys.

    • donggua.tofu May 14, 2013 2:12 AM Flag

      why buy here? buy low, that's why. when apple products come out and if they are very successful, then it's time to sell. sell high. buy low. tattoo

      longs are long because innovative companies tend to innovate. companies with proven successes tend to succeed again. management has been intact for the most part. the engineers, designers, and programmers that created the iphone, ipad, and ipod are working on the next big thing. let's see what they come up with. in the meantime, buy the dips.

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    • Like the other poster said. He has no understanding of Apple the company and even less of an understanding of the stock market. How can you explain anything to a moron who's brain dead? He admitted he is addicted to drugs and knows nothing about the market. He lost his life savings on AAPL at $670 with his margin account. Now he thinks everyone should sell their AAPL stock because he lost all his money.

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    • Just look at the trends, of any of the auto makers, and when you get the picture of how they continue to grow and earn over the years, you get some idea of how apple does it

    • /agree

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    • How can anyone explain the business model of the greatest company in the world to a moron you doesn't know how to read, write, or spell? You're clueless! In fact, in my 15 years on the internet and reading thousands of posts. You're hands down the biggest idiot who ever sat in front of a keyboard. Explain that?

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