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  • bks_r_weasels bks_r_weasels May 16, 2013 10:59 PM Flag

    I think I am going to bail

    I sold the other day at 450 for a small loss. I got back in today but think I am going to sell tomorrow if possible. I cant take the ups and downs anymore. I lost 15K during the last slide. Everyone and his brother is saying Apple is done. The only hope now is WWDC and products in the fall. I don't see how numbers are going to be met in the meantime. I am tired of hoping. This is not a bash I am just being realistic. I think I can make more money with AMZN, GOOG or PCLN and am going to try them out for a while. GLA

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    • Apple thanks you for your shares. You see, with 60 Billion $$, we love to have people sell cheap, as it is better for Apple and their shareholders. We hope you convince many people to sell as it helps our IRETURN!

    • You sold at $450.00?Dumb move.Even with aapl being down it is still going back well above $450.00 again.cuffs

    • Fake post

    • Dude, I have seen your posts for some times but it seems to me your trades are rather random. Sometimes you own stocks, sometimes you own calls, sometimes you own puts, sometimes you own all of them at the same time. I can't tell why guides your trading decision. I think you need to develop a trading system and stick to it. Making trading decisions based on rumors, analysis comments, and news isn't a good strategy.

    • I agree and feel you pain. I got out of half my position at 450 something. Still lost $16k in the last slide. This is an unpredictable and punishing stock that is impossible to figure out from one day to next what might happen. In addition to the lack of innovation, too much secrecy etc, I think also Apple has a huge PR issue with the investment media world. They also don't get it that shareholder relations can affect brand. Hugely. Why? You get in the news in a very negative way, causing consumers to worry about the company's capability, creative edge etc. The e-mails between Oppenheimer and Einhorn were indicative of their stance of giving WS wall street a cold shoulder. This worked for Jobs. Not for Cook and other inexperienced and frankly incompetent players in the current C-level suite. I know that once I sell my entire position this will shoot up is the only problem. It is too worrisome to see the stock every hour up and down $10.

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    • imaginejml May 17, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

      I feel your frustrations. Apple may be bottoming. GOOG may be a risk at these levels. Apple is something WS is pushing around for now. But when there is so much gloom and doom, the bottom is likely in. It's just a matter of time before it grows. Cook could clearly take care of that now with some words, but I doubt he'll do that. Good luck with whatever.

    • Never bet your last penny. Then you can wait. And I don't mead wait for 1-6 month. Sometimes it takes longer.
      Every single stock I bought had recovered within a year. NFLX, GMCR, SGI, BAC, CSCO. But in few cases I was too impatient to wait long enough.

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    • chizled May 17, 2013 1:21 AM Flag

      The fear mangers will have won if you are scared and sell. Which of the companies do you think will be higher by year end. Say 10% from these levels. Through a market correction that is bound to happen. My bet is on apple . I will get paid a respectable dividend to wait. With 60 billion of share buy back to help out . This is the most manipulated stock in the market . Some no name claims that Aapl is worth $240 and the share price tanked 4% on that . The biggest market cap inthe world moves that easy. The lower it goes short term the more shares apple can get out of the hands of the manipulators. God luck with what ever you decide . Every one was in love with apple a short few months ago at $700 . But now it's no good at $430???? Buy low sell high. Be greedy when everyone is fear full.

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    • remember when everyone loved apple and hated google? I do... I bought apple... now everyone loves google and hates apple..

      You dont buy a stock after it has run 20-30 percent you buy it when everyone hates it.

      apple will recover.

    • yes buy google stock after it has gone parabolic.. brilliant!!! buying google over 900 is an act of insanity. You think it will keep going straight up every single day/

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