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  • ntjdmar ntjdmar May 21, 2013 8:41 AM Flag

    im a tax lawyer and they didnt cheat if u dont bring income money to your countryyou dont have to pay taxes this is all #$%$


    dont sell it

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    • nuviphone1 May 21, 2013 9:33 AM Flag

      EXACTLY! Apple has done nothing wrong. Why should they bring money back to the US and be penalized 35% for money that wasn't earned in the US. The tax rate for corporations bringing money to the US needs to be lowered to a reasonable rate.

      Apple has to do whats in the best interest of shareholders. That's why they borrowed money to return to shareholders versus using their own money thats keep overseas. I expect nothing to get done due to the idiotic politicians.

    • Of course you are correct but these idiots don't want to learn. Try explaining to them how you can be a US Citizen, live in Puerto Rico as a resident at least 183 days a year and pay 0% taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains until at least 2036 and see what kind of reaction you get from this crew.

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