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  • ps2gamer123 ps2gamer123 May 24, 2013 4:13 PM Flag

    how many shares does everyone have?

    be honest.. no bull..

    i have 41 shares.

    I originally bought in the mid 600s... got my #$%$ handed to me and sold everything at 530s. I started rebuying in the high 400s...

    basically to break even I need to be at around 610 a share.

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    • 4,000 averaged at $145 and 2,000 averaged at $560.

    • I had 10,000 shares which I sold for 700.00 a while back. I just control the shares price now. I don't own any shares.

      • 3 Replies to raystock48079
      • "I had 10,000 shares which I sold for 700.00 a while back. I just control the shares price now. I don't own any shares."

        Raystock controls the share price real good too for example when he posted that he would never let the share price go below $572.30 here

        Re: Re: We sols all are shares and we have started buying again
        by raystock48079 . Dec 4, 2012 2:19 PM . Permalink
        I will not let AAPL go down again to 572.30 ever again. So don't think you will be able to buy at a lower price.

        What is the share price these days??? hah hah hah, sissy boy liar and loser Raystock strikes again!

      • "I had 10,000 shares which I sold for 700.00 a while back. I just control the shares price now. I don't own any shares."

        The question was how many shares does every one have, not how many you can lie about once having, not even knowing when you sold the imaginary shares. A while back Raystock was posting that he was buying aapl cheap when it was trading at $661.31 here

        I am taking this stock down today so we can buy real cheap time to buy now
        by raystock48079 . Oct 2, 2012 1:31 PM . Permalink
        WE have started buying shares now

      • Don't fall for a word that sissy boy liar and loser Raystock posts. He had 10000 shares?? hah hah hah, and he bought them with food stamps according to his posting on the nuva message board

        good new I am now broke and I get to go on welfare
        by raystock48079 . Oct 3, 2012 7:59 PM . Permalink
        I will never have to pay another bill ever again. The taxpayers will now be taking care of me and my family. I so happy that I will get food stamp and I can buy what I like.

        or maybe he bought those shares with the two dollars that he had in the bank as he shared on the qid message board

        I don't own any shares of stocks
        by raystock48079 . Jan 31, 2012 9:50 PM . Permalink
        I just control the share price of all stocks. I been telling you that for a long time now. When I post we made money it my clints that had made money. I only have trwo dollars in the bank. You can't buy stock with just two dollars. if I did buy stock I would lose all the time. The power was given to me to control the market only if I didn't buy shares of stocks.

        Raystock is an attention seeking child and sissy boy liar and loser. Never believe a word that he posts. In fact he even lied about that

        raystock48079 • May 2, 2013 9:40 PM Flag
        I will not post on any board ever again. I made my billions and you all did alos

    • 2000 shares purchased at $12.33 (split equivalent). Plus about 80 shares more than that now due to the recent dividends.


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Too many at $ 506.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I own a half a share, my brother owns the other half. He convinced me to go in on it with him at 700 so needless to say we don't speak much anymore.

    • 100 @ $204 and than bought latter 20 @ $475, so far between the 2 purchases still up about 80%

    • 65 @ 547 :(

      Sentiment: Hold

    • 67 shares at $393 average.
      Started with 55 @ 333
      Added 4 @ 617 (these actually belong to my wife and she proposed at 700 that it might be good to sell)
      Then on the way down added 5 @ 504, 7 @ 526, 5 @ 449 and 1 @ 442.

    • 160 shares at $459 avg

    • At the risk of being called a liar, I have 2550 shares with an average purchase price of $202.

      If you notice my postings express often the theme, "be patient and wait for the price to recover while collecting dividends," now you know why.

      As I said, it may sound as if I am lying, but basically, I started buying in March of 2006 at $62 per share. What prompted me to buy was the Apple's transition to Intel processors. I am long INTC too, by the way.

      Of course, this was long before the iPhone was even a rumor. I got lucky being in AAPL already when that came out. Same with the iPad.

      Apple caught my attention when they announced the transitin to Intel at the WWDC in June of 2005. As an Intel shareholder at the time, I was following related news.

      But what REALLY got me to start buying AAPL was when they totally surprised everyone at MacWorld in January 2006 by demonstrating Macs running the new Intel Core processors a full six months ahead of schedule and with 3X to 5X better performance than the PowerPC processors they replaced as well as 30% lower power consumption and heat generation.

      When I saw those specs, I knew it would be a game changer for Apple's Mac business and they would cease to be only a niche player in the personal computer market.

      So it was the future prospects for the Mac that got me started buying AAPL and, as the iPhone and iPad came along, it seemed pretty clear that those would be winners too.

      I recall people saying after the iPhone announcement, "nobody will buy a smartphone without a physical keyboard,' and complaining about the lack of a removable battery or that it did not run Adobe Flash. Then about the iPad they said, "Why would anyone want one of these? It is not even a 'real' computer. It's nothing but an oversized iPod Touch." They even made jokes about the iPad name sounding like a "feminine product." I guess they never heard of the ThinkPad.

      All stupid criticisms. I could see that and held onto my AAPL over the years.

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