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  • rxdavemull Jun 5, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    today's thoughts

    IMHO any company who has $150 billion cash and investments.a sound balance sheet,and great management is a company I want to own.How many people on these boards would not love to own shares in Berkshire Hathaway?Whether that stock is up $4 or down $4 today is really meaningless.Soon Apple will be paying about 4% dividend and investors will be rewarded handsomely.Apple is a solid company.To those who disapprove of Tim Cook I say don't criticize him until you are in his shoes.I don't have an MBA from Duke so I will let Tim Cook make the business decisions that are necessary to keep Apple on top.

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    • Dude, you need to separate a company and its stock. A company can be very solid but if its stock doesn't move, you won't make money from it. There are the right times and the wrong times to buy any stock. Just look at MSFT. It is a very solid company, it has cashes, it pays good dividends, but if you had bought it 5 years ago, adjusted for inflation, you are still losing money. But if you had bought it at the beginning of this year, you would have been up more than 30%.

      The bottom line is, don't just buy stocks with your eyes closed. You need to look at the charts and indicators and find the right time to buy and sell.

    • Good words!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Timing! Timing! Timing! Remember to buy stock at the right time! Regardless it is a good or bad company. Apple is a great company but now it is not the good time to buy! iPhone is a great product in history but it is defeated by android phones now. You can wait until it drops to $100 to buy! At that time, Apple may invent another breaking through product....

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