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  • panicsellerpete panicsellerpete Jun 9, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    Paid Bashers Don't exsit And Would Never Have Any Affect On A Stock Like Apple

    I understand why those who are Apple longs struggle trying to understand why a guy ( Or Girl ) Like Calls_ Them would spend night and day posting about Apple? I read his postings and they're always contrarian, because he's a contrarian. I just never believed that a company like Samsung would pay a guy like Calls_ Them to post on this board! Why? Well when debating the fundamentals or technological differences in products that exist, there's never a logical debate?

    I say this because contrary to want most people think, the analyst who cover Apple and institutional investors who invest Billions in a company like Apple take a lot of information into consideration. They don't take investment advice from Calls_ Them., or posters like Calls_ Them. Besides, Samsung spends their Dollars stealing Apples product ideas right from Apple. As do all the other companies.

    I don't read all the postings on this board. I know for whatever reason, there's a lot of " Apple Haters ' who say off the wall comments about Apple. I have yet to see a true professional short on this board attack Apple. I was short OSTK And BBRY ( RIMM ) When I watched the best of the best go to work on the stock. So it can be done, I just haven't seen it in quite some time. The baseless postings on here aren't backed by facts and figures. Sure the stock went up and sold off!

    Those who would have you think that Apple closed up shop and laid off everyone in the R&D Department are a bit naive. Apple, the stock and the company has become an " obsession " to a lot of people. It's almost scary if you think about it. Just remember, whats said on this board will never affect the direction of the stock, that takes place on a much higher level. These boards are for laughs and entertainment, just keep that in mind...Peace!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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