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  • boston_escape boston_escape Jun 11, 2013 11:35 PM Flag

    Jony Ive design of iOS 7 is unbelievably bad

    I am not talking about icons, or lock screen or control panel borrowed from Android. Just look at the simple cellular signal strength status in the left upper corner of iPhone, it is 5 dots, with large gaps between them, instead of bars, taking so much space of the notification area. I can understand Apple is not a software company, but getting so bad at design... What else bad could happen to that company?.. How Apple could put a Tim Cook - a supply chain person - to run an innovative powerhouse?

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    • These limp diks are going to pluck the golden goose. Without Jobs its a clusterfuc.

    • does the ios7 still show % of signal strength in addition to the bar? If so the "dots" don't make much difference do they?

    • iOS7 is just fine, wasting time hyping such mundane features as paralax and buttons was pathetic. I watched the conference live and the only things that were significant were the radio and intel chips, I saw no significant innovation from Apple.

    • These idiots have never used iOS 7 before, but they can tell you how unbelievably bad it is.

    • "I can understand Apple is not a software company...".

      They ARE a software company. You're apparently the only one on the planet who doesn't know that.

      You understand nothing.

    • He says from the basement bedroom of his parents house right before putting on his uniform and walking to work his shift at Steak and Shake.

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    • Less battery drain on new design.

    • Actually this is where you're wrong. Before, if you recall, it had 5 increasing height bars which is not a true representation of signal strength. The increase should be linear in percentage. I had always thought the old display was misleading.

      As for TC, I have a sneaky suspicion he's got a longer resume than you.

      Duke University

      Mr. Timothy D. Cook, Tim has been the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. since August 24, 2011. Mr. Cook served as the Chief Operating Officer of Apple Inc. from October 14, 2005 to August 24, 2011, and served as Head of its Macintosh Division, where he played a key role in the continued development of strategic reseller and supplier relationships. He served as an Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Operations of Apple Computer Inc. from 2002 to 2005. ...

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      • The difference: I don't suck at what I do and under Tim Cook - Apple not only lost so many fans, but also quite a few shareholders. He was extremely effective working along Steve Jobs, and especially good at getting things made after Samsung has started to play their own game. But honestly how one could have guts to come up with trash-can looking MacPro designed for professionals, that is neither functional nor easy to upgrade, how come iOS 7 borrowed so many basic features from earlier version of Android (ICS)? Apple cannot even make a newer version of highly anticipated iPhone? And you know why? Because no-hardware manufacturers want to bend-over before Apple where they can install a free Android OS or even WP OS on their devices and sell them directly to consumers without Apple insane markups... A performance of a professional is measured by what he/she could deliver, not by medals in his closet, both Jon and Tim were great - but it does not mean they can still deliver. Big business is like sport - if one cannot compete or start lagging it is time to move on.
        On topic: new signal strength indicator in iOS not only a design failure but could also be less accurate than bars, just Google it ;)

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