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  • abcdsteve123 abcdsteve123 Jun 12, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    stating the obvious here but this

    is dead money until they excite wall st with a new product. and i dont mean a new iphone or a new ipad.

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    • I think you are exactly right. I was hoping for a "surprise" at WWDC. An early launch of a new iPhone or an SDK for the iTV would have been great for the stock. Of course, a deal with China Mobile wouldn't hurt either. Under Cook I think what we can expect is a very methodical, even predictable, style. There are definite advantages to that style. I am not sure it will ever excite Wall Street, however. I have been invested and anticipating the iTV for over three years, for instance. Same with a China Mobile deal. I know there are steep barriers to doing these kinds of things correctly for the sake of the business. But, the pace of advancement under Cook is beginning to concern me. Is there a catalyst closer than we think? Is Apple ready to truly disrupt an industry or market segment again? I think they are that kind of company, but who knows? How long should an investor wait to find out? These are questions I am asking myself. The answers will determine my next major investing move over the next 30 days. I may stay put. I may invest elsewhere to some extent.

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    • Its worse than dead money.....Zombies gonna eat your wallet

    • Samsung?

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