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  • melt_these melt_these Jun 18, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    Jim Cramer's The Street: Why Apple Sucks as an Investment ...


    Title: Why Apple Sucks as an Investment, but Amazon Doesn't
    by Rocco Pendola (theStreet's Director of Social Media)
    Date: 06/18/13
    Source: theStreet website

    Some interesting excerpts from that new article:

    "Apple ... Face it. It's dead money."

    "... AAPL remains a junkyard full of false starts ..."

    "We have no idea what the hell is going on at Apple. Tim Cook ... this new guy we never heard of before who strung together a few sentences ... without stuttering at WWDC."

    "We don't even know what Apple is."

    "... Tim Cook likes ... this babble about Apple being a software company. There's no focus. And that's because there cannot be focus without confident and competent leadership."

    "In every way, right now and going forward, Amazon is a ... better company than Apple."

    See what I mean, folks? Today, that's what qualifies as so-called "technology analysis" on Wall Street. Jim Cramer's (theStreet's) "Director of Social Media" viciously claims Apple is "dead money," a "junkyard full of false starts," nobody has any "idea what the hell is going on at Apple," nobody ever "heard of" CEO Tim Cook who spoke "without stuttering at WWDC," nobody "knows what Apple is," Cook spoke "babble about Apple being a software company," "there's no focus" at Apple, and Cook lacks "competence" and lacks "confidence."

    As I've said many times before, the stock market & Wall Street intensely HATE Apple right now (for some unexplained reason), even though Apple is the #2 Global Brand (just behind #1 Coca-Cola)

    The technologically clueless Wall Street doesn't really understand mobile at all and doesn't have even the first clue what Apple is and what Apple does. I've said it before and people doubted my words, but that newest article from Jim Cramer's "theStreet" website further proves I'm right. And it further helps explain Apple's waaaaaaay-below-market (ex-cash) P/E of 6.91 vs. the S&P 500 market P/E of 18.28. Wall Street REALLY hates Apple (right now).

    Apple 2020

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