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  • playboy210 playboy210 Jun 22, 2013 4:40 AM Flag

    Will This Stock Ever Reach $615 Ever Again?

    I thought Apple had a TV and some new products coming down the pipe line? Where are these products and this revenue supposedly coming in from the "cloud"?

    It is clear to me that Tim Cook is not about share holder wealth and how the stock market works. That is fine. But what about creativity, artistry and ingenuity?

    Apple Inc is giving up on that as well?

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    • Will this stock ever reach $615 again?

    • Apple's market share of the iPhone and iPad will continuously decline in the US as it is hard to stay on top forever, but iPhone market share should grow internationally with the new cheaper iPhone and as more carriers start carrying the iPhone. The iWatch will probably bring in additional profits of $2-3 billion a year, I foresee Apple TV with bringing in profits of $4-5 a year, so these new products along with increase in market share internationally, counteracted with an erosion in US market share, we should still see 8-12% earnings growth again for next couple years, a company with double digit earnings growth usually will see PEs of closer to 20, so look for this to go up to close to 850 by mid 2014.

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    • To answer your question, yes! Although I watched as desperate longs tried to hold on to RIMM ( Now BBRY ) back in 07 to 09. I would like to say that it had a happy ending, but you can see where it ended up from the $140 plus range to the current price. During that time there were a couple of posters who had it down and there were a lot of us hanging on their coat-tails with massive short positions. RIMM was a pager company pure and simple, we were convinced of that and shorted accordingly.

      Those on here who would have you believe AAPL is a pager company really don't understand the business model. Funds own some $350 Billion in AAPL stock and will continue to average up as the new product cycle comes to fruit. All the bad news has been factored in. Not to say that traders won't exploit the trading opportunity as the stock runs up. Happy 4 Th....

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    • Not unless Apple comes up with a game changer. I am not seeing any. iTV looks like its going to be a dud. iWatch is causing more laughter than anything else. New products in the Fall are just going to be refreshes so move along, nothing to see here.

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      • Still churning out 30 to 40 billion in cash every year. I would expect that to grow with new markets for the lower priced iPhone, new iPhone, new iPad / mini, iwatch and Itv. Christmas will be as big or bigger than last. The only question will they have enough inventory to meet the demand and wIthout a doubt there will be demand.

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    • Apple is ramping up its most ambitious product launch cycle to date. The problem is that this ambition and the multitude of products has slowed product release cycles.

      Shareholders need to understand that good products take time to craft, develop and to refine. Steve Jobs knew that secret and he ignored shareholders demands to rush products to market before they were ready.

      Tim Cook has been cautious to not make the same mistake that occurred with Steve Forstall and Apple Maps.

      Sometimes share holders just need to be quiet and cash their quarterly dividends.

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