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  • manfrombeach manfrombeach Jun 26, 2013 8:10 PM Flag

    This is EXACTLY What Happens Just BEFORE Wall Street...


    will take AAPL back up (maybe starting after a much better-than-expected earnings report in July, etc.).

    They take it DOWN on market UP days. They make you want to SELL. They make you curse that "APPL is a POS." They make even faithful longs begin to HATE the stock, thinking it is dead money, etc.

    Then BOOM!!! News comes and we go to 500 + in a FLASH.

    Just check the NFLX chart and all the trash talk when it was $50 or 60. NOW look at it...

    Watch and learn...

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    • You've just explained how companies like GS (et. al.) make billions of dollars every quarter. I don't know what Apple stock will do tomorrow but I know it will do okay over time. A sub-$400 price is a buying opportunity.

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    • Wise man. AAPL rallied few weeks ago without news. Now good news will come in second half. We are so much tired of negativity about aapl for last 6 months and are so Nihilistic that we might miss the bottom/near bottom and try to catch it later when its late. People made lot of fuss about iradio but aapl introduced it just as a small feature. Cook is risking significant part of his income on his own request. He knows there is a game changer in pipeline.
      Analyst accuses aapl of evolutionary not revolutionary productes but when asked '"like what they say low cost iphone and large screen iphone.
      AAPL will come back with a bang and the naysayers will flip flop and Cramer will be the first. ( BTW he reminds me of ROMEY)

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    • Really, and what usually happens to Tim Cook?

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