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  • aadaytrader aadaytrader Jun 26, 2013 8:58 PM Flag

    Seriously Something Criminal Here...

    Folks, by now it is definitely obvious that Apple management (TC) is purposely letting the stock price come down and down. All the headlines from analysts and media are negative and more negative. But what tells it all is that Apple (Timmy C) does not stop this downward spiral. He has the ability to put an end to this selling and shorting. But he does not want to. This is really a shame and I am very shocked to say the least at Tim Cook and can't believe he is still running the company. He has proven failure, proven horrible ability to run a company and honestly he has destroyed the once most successful and powerful company in the world. I guarantee that someone on the inside will end up going to prison soon. Never seen anything like this in my 15 years of trading the markets.

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    • Just look at share count from last ER. it has gone up from 944m to 946m. They said back in March 2012 that 10 B set aside for stock buybacks commencing 9/2012 and 1B for employee compensations. Why share count is going up if they're apparently buying back shares since 9/2012. No, they're not buying back at all. That's why stock doesn't have a floor and dropping hard. BTW, GS is suppose to handle the buyback transactions for them.

    • Its not his fault Steve Jobs died, there is no replacing him. Apple long-term growth prospects10-20 years are now in serious jeopardy.

    • mzm821 Jun 26, 2013 10:00 PM Flag

      the cheaper it gets the buy back is cheaper - however, I do believe that TC should say something to the shaerholders, Also ,Steve must have left him with some forward ideas to keep the company going. To have a stock cut in half and no word from the CEO is a mystery and you are right criminal.

    • had the ability to stop the slide in December at 550. its too late . the big boys are out and retail will not touch the stock. the buyback is a failure as they bought above 400 and blowing money. the worst is yet to come.

    • Sorry to inform you, but you need serious help in locating AAPLs financial statements. Let me pose this question to you, what should he be doing that he isn't or hasn't?

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      • first , he had no business calling for a dividend when the stock was flying in January 2012. he could have saved that card for later whe the stock was falling in September. by doing so he would have saved the big swoon that followed. the buyback is useless and a waste of money buying back when stock is tumbling. wallstreet agrees as the stock is still falling,just horrible reading of consumer demanding a bigger iphone screen. I am not saying a pizza size scree but at 4.5 inches it would be in line. they would have sold millions of units more with a larger screen. I could go on...

    • their phone was much better than all the others awhile ago, now ....not so much. I like the size 4 carry but most like the bigger screens.

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