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  • universaldia universaldia Jul 1, 2013 4:42 PM Flag

    I would never ever ever ever wear a computer watch

    It's crazy that this stock could go up $12 on a speculative upgrade. I think people have been waiting for ANY reason to buy this stock. Keep dreaming guys.

    I remember back when I was a kid they made calculator watches that I thought were cool. I was a kid of course, and the idea of a watch being able to do stuff seemed really cool. Needless to say, I would have never worn one as a teenager or a young adult. I wanted to get laid, and there is no way I would get laid with a calculator watch. As a matter of fact I can't ever recall anyone wearing those things but little kids.

    Unlike a phone that sits invisibly in your pocket, watches are about fashion. People spend thousands of dollars on a Rolex to have a little piece of "bling" that compliments their wardrobe. In order to sell someone an iWatch you need to convince them to take the Rolex off and put the iWatch on.

    Think deeply about this. Do you really see guys rocking an iWatch to a nightclub? Do your really see many women wearing iWatches when they head out shopping? Do you see anyone holding their watch up to their mouth to make a phone call? It doesn't matter if the iWatch can make calls, send email, surf the internet, change the temperature in my car, start my car, show video of my home, or whatever other feature Apple can come up with. It's just not cool.

    I already have a device in my pocket that serves as a computer. Watches are bought for aesthetics... Not to perform tasks. Any product that hinders a guys ability to get laid is pretty much going to be a fail! No guy will be getting laid wearing an iWatch! LoL

    Mark this post- I don't need to be an oracle to predict the fate of the iWatch. The only people buying one will be Apple super-geeks and little kids. Stocks of iWatches will remain sitting on shelves unsold as the regular guy and gal continues to use their phone to perform their basic tasks that a mobile device needs to do. You only need one mobile device!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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