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  • overdone234 overdone234 Jul 8, 2013 9:26 PM Flag

    If they were going to beat then why would the insiders sell a ton between $ 398 and $413 ??????

    In June ?????????

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    • They projected a turd for earnings growth so of course they are going to beat. Q4 projections are what will murder this stock in two weeks. I'm sure some shill douchebag will be selling hope for q1 so he can sell more calls for another 3 months.

    • Most of the insiders had to sell before the quite period if they are desperate for cash.

    • First of all, I don't know how much a share of stock "weighs". That being said when stock is issued as a bonus or compensation then I imagine they would want to take the tax part and pay it then rather than the end of the year when its worth 600 bucks

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      • Since most of the morons that post on this board are unemployed and will never in their lives even sniff a stock option, there is no way they could comprehend your responses. I can tell you from experience, that for the very reasons discussed, there are times when you have to exercize stock options and sell, with little to no regard for the price at the time, since you in essence have time constraints due to financial/tax considerations.

      • It is a function of a limited window of opportunity and the issue price creating an immediate tax liability.
        You get only a short time each quarter where you can buy/sell stock, lacking preset selling program (which these most likely are).
        If you exercise options or are paid in stock, the date of issue cements your tax liability. You can gamble and hold, but you still have to pay the tax...even if the stock goes down to a value less than the tax obligation.

        There are only 2 transactions that mean much...large/huge uncharacteristic buys in the open market, and total sellouts by key personnel.

    • If they go to war, they may need gadgets even more. What makes you think gadgets wouldn't come in handy during a war in which people have to stay awake for 5 days at a time without and 2 hours sleep.

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