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  • peterofpaul peterofpaul Jul 12, 2013 8:21 PM Flag

    China Mobile was WISE not to get in bed with AAPL

    Verizon now stucked with $19 billion worth of iPhone old technology

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    • How do you know what happened when Cook went to China? Maybe there was some romance going on with the Chinese? Funny TC came back and had them ramp up manufacturing operations in China to make 100-200 Million low cost phones....What's with that? No Really?

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    • I get it that is why China Mobile bleed costumers the same as NTT that just lost 3M subscribers why? because they don't sell iPhones. Just remember that Mr.Cook was in China and the only thing he said is that their agreement is not for publish. China Mobile net is not ready for iPhones they use different net. They probably agreed that AAPL will design a phone that is cheaper and also compatible with their network. Till then no deal after a big deal.

    • They WILL be in bed ..... they were just changing the sheets after Samsung peed all over the place.

    • Yeah those cheap Chinese IQPhones or whatever they call them are SO much more affordable, and golly if they don't look ALMOST like an iPhone, despite some changed letters here and there and an extra bite out of the Apple. So what if they aren't really an Apple product, because, as you know, in China only perhaps 5% of Apple products sold are REALLY products from USA based Apple Inc, the others are just knockoffs.

      Much more affordable for them to make their network functional with the cheap local clones, despite any ethical considerations, or fear (hah) that they'd be prosecuted for doing it.

    • Verizon has record sales and record earnings due to record sales of the IPhone's the analyst said he thought maybe they might but had no facts or figures to back up his guess. His best guess.

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      • Verizon, the SAME company I saw trying to tear out my copper phone line to replace it with an IP phone. It took some time to explain to them that if I had wanted an IP Phone I would have gotten one in the first place, and that the copper wire based circuit switched network has significant advantages for voice communication. Verizon however doesn't want to continue supporting copper line, so they've started cramming people who have Verizon Internet with services by pulling out their copper land lines and replacing them with cheap packet framed phones even if they don't want them.

        If I hadn't had my wife go out and find out exactly what was gong on and issued extremely firm orders to the tech, they'd have gotten away with it here, and as it was it took almost a day for them to restore my copper land line. You see, with an IP Phone you have MULTIPLE points of failure between you and your call destination, some of which problems could be on YOUR network. With copper based phones as long as your household wiring is right and the phone itself isn't broken the ONLY point of failure is the phone service itself, even when the power is not only out, but has been out for HOURS, a land line copper circuit switched phone will STILL work whereas IP Phone and Cell towers might be out of operation for DAYS.

    • Verizon bet big on iPhone's selling well. It turns out that Apple iPhones didn't sell as well as they thought. Now the they have to pay Apple because they didn't sell as many iPhones as they thought? Sounds like Verizon is stupid to bet so much money on Apple products selling well. Everybody knows that iPhones are not the "cool" phones anymore because everyone has them. Now people like Sammy phones and the cool Lumia windows phones with the monster pixel cameras. Where are the cool iPhones? Apple still keeps making the same boring iPhone they made 2 years ago, 3 years ago. So Verizon wants to bet on that selling Well? Really stupid Verizon. Now you pay.

      • 1 Reply to bjaythebear
      • The IPhone is cool BJ. What's BJ stand for? #$%$? Are you gay? Are you coming out on the closet on the Apple message board? Apple makes the coolest must own products in the world. 500 Million people wake up everyday and use Apple products as soon as they open their eyes. I know you're worried about Verizon. Verizon will be fine.

        You must remember that the smartest most successful people in the world use Apple products and services. If you have any self respect of dignity you own Apple products. If you're a total loser and hang out in gay bars, you use inferior products like Samsung. You just need to come to terms with your gayness. Did you tell your family? Where's all those IPhone's at? Are you watching the Wizard Of Oz? Who's your favorite? The " Tin Man "? He's Gay you know? The Lion's Gay Too. They're all Gay.......LMFAO!!! You need a new ID #$%$ B-Jay. Or is it B-Jay #$%$? Thanks for stopping by. Do you have anymore dumb friends who we can make fun of?

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    • China Mobile loves Apple the company and Apple products and services. They hate Korean products and Korean services. They hate Koreans. They hate you. They love me. ( Again ) They hate you. They want Apple products and services in the hands of everyone in China. Apple wants Apple products in the hands of everyone in China. Investors what Apple products in the hands of everyone in China even if we have to develop a cheaper phone with less profit margins. No wait, Apple has been making a new low cost phone for the Chinese market. Apple needs 100 Million phones for their new friends in China right away. That's why they put on 50,000 new Chinese workers.

      China loves Americans because we buy a lot of stuff from them. They want to buy a lot of stuff from us. Not the Koreans. China needs to establish a solid trading policy with Americans. A better trading policy. The current policy sucks. China is under massive political pressure from the American government to open the flood gates for American products and services. Apple provides the best of the best products and services for Chinese. I hope this helps you understand why investors have been buying up Billions in Apple stock. Not Korean stock. Apple stock.

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    • Verizon has an " Open P.O. " where they can have whatever they need shipped as needed. Verizon isn't stuck with anything. Verizon has until the end of 2013 to sell the units. They've sold over 20 Million already. The analyst who started this rumor said " Verizon MAY " have to eat 21 Billion to grab the needed headlines to get his little BS story first call this morning. No one would've given a rats butt about the real numbers or the fact IT MAY HAPPEN if people stop buying phones all together.

      I know you're new to investing and have to hold on to anything you can find. You'll just have to try a little harder and learn to read in-between the lines. Have you been taking investment advice from the AEA group? Is that why you shorted @ $400? You give shorts a bad name with that thought process. Now run along go pull the wings off of some bugs or something. Maybe go play real close to a busy street. Get real close to the road.

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    • iPhones aren't selling. No one buy these overpriced old tech anymore. There are three carriers in Russia recently dropped carrying iPhone and will sell Samsung instead. Very soon carriers around the world will follow. Apple will go bankrupt in five years. It is now almost guaranteed.

      Watch and Learn

    • "Stucked" is not a word. No spell check on on your crapola Samdung phone? Or did something get lost in the Korean to English translation.

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