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  • melt_these melt_these Jul 26, 2013 6:03 PM Flag

    Have the Paid Bashers Been Fired?


    Recently, it does seem that the huge number of desperate Apple-hating paid bashers has been somewhat reduced. Perhaps some of the paid bashers have been let go.

    Apple stock now greatly appeals to a wide variety of investors and traders: Growth investors, Momentum traders, Mobile tech investors, Large-cap investors, Value investors, Index funds, Buy-and-hold investors, hedge funds, Tech stock investors, Balanced funds, GARP investors, pension funds, Technical traders, Growth-and-dividend investors, Moat investors, Innovation investors, Global stock investors, Dividend stock investors, mutual funds, Margin-of-Safety investors, Consumer electronics investors, etc.

    And the nervous shorties eventually have to buy back almost 28 Million shares of Apple stock ($12.3 Billion worth), Furthermore, Apple's announced buyback still has $44 Billion more to go (another 100 Million shares of Apple stock). So that's an additional 128 Million shares of buying demand for Apple stock.

    And just think of how much additional buying demand for Apple stock will emerge when the innovative Apple starts announcing and introducing new iDevices, iServices, and even new revolutionary iProduct categories throughout 2013 and 2014.

    And then consider all of the forthcoming Apple stock upgrades from the better-late-than-never Wall Street tech stock analysts which will begin happening on a regular basis once Apple begins announcing and introducing new iStuff throughout 2013 and 2014.

    ✔ And then think about what will happen to Apple's stock price when the Financial Media (including CNBC) suddenly changes its tune and starts favorably talking about Apple. [ALREADY STARTING TO HAPPEN]

    Apple 2020

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