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  • thebookstar1 thebookstar1 Aug 14, 2013 2:56 PM Flag


    Get ready for tim cook to cry to his momma when his gay queen jabber collides with carl icahn's pushiness and prodding. it will blow up in tim cook's face. it's coming faster than you think. apple has entered into bonding 2 plast halfs of a cell phone together with glue to make their cheaper c phones for the masses. problem being, noone will be impressed because they won't look a think like a quality apple product from steve job's erra. we all wish and want tim cook to do what steve would have done in inovation. it just will never be because tim cook is not steve jobs. steve would have told carl to f-himself if he called steve and told him to expand his stock buyback. eventually tim cook will learn that you can't please everyone, which is what he's attempting to do. cook is a very confused individual at this point in time. and, his company is slipping away from him. product innovation has reversed into product "innovation". wait till you see the pieces of #$%$ that cook is about to drop on us with the upcoming product release. i guarantee it will be a huge let down!. cash flow only goes so far until it becomes cash burning which is the new erra ahead for tim cook and apple... And now carl icahn. btw, i have a question for icahn and for all of you posters to think about and answer: why is it that carl icahn 's own business, "icahn enteprises" can't create earnings growth? why is his own stock in icahn enteprises going nowhere as the s & p makes daily highs? response: so what makes yoiu think that icahn will do any better with apple than he did with dell a few months back? barely budged!

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    • Your words, even if spelled correctly. would be pure bull. You are another desperate short with no clue. By attempting a literate post you have bared your worthless self and exposed a talent for nothing. If you would like a little help..go long Apple.

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