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  • j.gervasi j.gervasi Sep 9, 2013 8:59 PM Flag

    Don Luskin takes the cake.. Wow what an ?????

    Going to try and quote him.. hard to do because hes talks like an ?????
    "Omg appl is so inivative they lizard the price" how about that little thing called ios7 Don
    "I have the iphone 4 i wouldnt by that #$%$ presented tomorrow" guess ur wearing month old underwear to Dom
    "I would sell apple now" considering ur still using the iPhone 4 Don you prob can't afford the stock

    Can't understand how these guys get airtime?????

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    • ...and quoting them is like quoting one of the drunks from last night's discussion at the local bar.

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    • I just watched that segment. What a complete buffoon he is! Tries to talk down Apple because "that guy Cook, or whoever he is, tries to look like Steve Jobs by wearing jeans", and "I'm still using my iPhone-4 and I won't be buying the iPhone-5S or whatever new piece of junk Apple announces tomorrow". Guy has no credibility, absolutely ZERO! CNBC should be embarrassed for having him on, and whoever booked him should be fired, and anyone who listens to his advice should be heading for the doors, PRONTO!

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      • Apple products are not junk. We use apple phones, and laptops in the business and at home, before apple working with our old computers and window software we were stressed out with software glitches, and a stream of updates, and security fixes and patches, apple is a pleasure to work with
        That said I am somewhat disappointed that apple is not entering the TV market and changing the way our living room gets programming.

      • i have the iphone 4s and now i will upgrade to 5s cannot await the nw smarttphone, apple products are the best, try combination of iphone, ipad, imac and apple tv and you will see that its the perfect solution for home entertainment. nobody can mess with this now.

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    • Saw him tonight....... Light a candle for him......he is not right in the head...... Larry Kudlow, as much as possible , was embarrassed. Actually quite sad......probably was a smart guy with a good head at one time.

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