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  • p2ialias p2ialias Sep 21, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    Weekend sales over 10M

    Think about it. Last year iPhone 5 sold 5 million the first weekend. China was not included, it later sold 2 million its first weekend. Japan was not included; Apple now has a contractual agreement with DoCoMo. Apple is now selling 2 new different phones rather than one. The line in front of the Apple flagship store in NY was 83% longer than last year. The 5C is easier to make and has been stockpiled. They didn't sell a mere 6 Million or 7 million or even 8 million. They sold north of 10 million.

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    • Really hard to say. Anybody making blanket statements is blowing smoke. 1. We know China is included this year so yes that's a positive. 2. We know Japan now has Japan's biggest carrier, so yes that's a positive. 3. We know 5S is sold out. Sounds good. 4. We know preorder was only for the 5C and it was lukewarm. Negative. 5. We know the 5S has supply issues because of finger sensor. Negative.

      How will all this add up? Who knows? Could be great could be awful but in reality probably somewhere in between.

    • 10m + is a terrible prediction. That's nearly 30% higher than the highest Analyst forecast, which is 7.75m

      I think it's safe to say they'll break the previous record, but it needs to come in at 7m to jolt the stock higher, in my opinion. I give 7m a 20% chance.

      But I think people here need to wake up and survey all the positive buzz for the new 5S. It's pretty clear Apple has a big hit on their hands. Regardless of 1st weekend sales, it's going to be a big catalyst for an otherwise undervalued Stock.

    • truth_is_the_mother_of_hatred truth_is_the_mother_of_hatred Sep 21, 2013 2:09 PM Flag

      While are long aaple for years, show us PROOF of your clain. Links //actual stats..interviews with reputable osurces..Sweeping Generaliizations do ot cut it.

    • Let's see, if we sold 10m phones over the weekend, we will be down another $20 come Monday morning. This garbage will fall until it hits $350 and we give Cook the gold he deserves!

    • No way. It will be lucky to sell 4M 5C and 5S combined.

      Watch and Learn

    • not enough inventory for high number. this is why stock sold off friday late. article states 1400 in line in nyc turned away no phone to have for them.

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      • My wife saw a man walk out of the T-Mobile store yesterday without buying. He wanted a specific phone and activation NOW. He left probably to get in a line somewhere else. All that he would have got was the same answer elsewhere. You can have this iPhone for now, we will order you one, and you can return this one and receive what you want when it comes in. He ordered one from somewhere else since he wasn't going to find what he wanted. Or pout in some corner. Those people in line who didn't receive phones at the flagship store either ordered or tried somewhere else.

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