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  • pc_alreadydead pc_alreadydead Sep 22, 2013 4:00 PM Flag


    Apple has been planning for this 5C/5S new product launch since last year. For that simple reason I think it’s very unlikely that there had been any problem with securing enough supply for both 5C and 5S before the launch. And also I think this supply constraint issue is another fabricated lie by short side analysts to take Apple’s share price down unfairly. I see many short sellers and call writers pretending to be longs, arguing that it’s ok to have temporary supply problem because the demand for new products is strong. Please do not listen to them (yes demand is strong), and give Apple management benefit of doubt until we get the information. Of course it is your judgement call, however please note that this is my take on supply issue.

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    • Pc: bravo for thinking on your own. The media is often wrong.
      I believe Apple made and sold 5m iPhone 5s's, in line with consenses.
      The source of the "constraint" comes from Apple itself.
      A year ago we could preorder the new iPhone, this time we couldn't.
      A year ago Apple was advertising the new IPhone.
      During the emmy awards tonight, they advertized the 5c instead.
      I am not a short. i was short and got burned twice.
      I now have a tiny position in Apple and hope it will go down so that I can acquire more.
      Its very clear to me that Tim Cook is doing things for the long term.
      Sales of the 5c will pick up.
      There will be a larger display iPhone a year from now, and 2 years from Apple will sell 500m iPhones to China Mobile.

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      • No, you are just hoping for short supply. Did Apple announce that it has supply problem? Never. Apple didn't do preorder for 5S this time, because Apple was releasing 5C as well. To maximize the total revenue ( 5S + 5 C ), Apple didn't presell 5S. Otherwise pre-sale of 5S could cannibalize 5C sales. Regarding advertising, Apple is advertising 5C because it's new phone category. When 5S gold is selling for $3,000 at eBay, why Apple should spend money on advertising? Nice try, bro.

    • I think based on a 400,000 to 600,000 Apple production ramp up, that Apple produced 40% Iphone 5s, 30% Iphone 5c and 20% iphone 4s. .

      I think if you bet that Apple was producing from Mid August through Oct 1, that Apple produced 7.2-10.8 million Iphone 5S, and 5.4 Million to 9 million 5c Devices.

      I think Apple nailed this weekend. Tim Cook knew that China was a part of this event. As was DoCoMo. They had the supply to outdo last year. The question was sales. We know sales have been great. I think the 5c takes off into Christmas as it is not what the faithful were waiting for, but the mass market was waiting for it.

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    • This ID belongs to the big short as well, I believe. The short seller is trying to simulate that longs are worried about the supply. Please check out 56's previous postings. 56's postings had been negative but suddenly it became somewhat positive.

    • I have been worried about supply of iPhone5S. I just got back from our local Apple store where I talked to a salesperson. She said she has worked 3 of the recent iPhone launches and said this one was the busiest as far as sales go. She said they were out of 5S models but have the 5C. She said the yellow 5C is really popular and in short supply. She was surprised at how well the 5C was selling. She also mentioned the gold 5S is by far the most popular.

    • Don't have a proof, but I believe this is one of many IDs owned by the big short. Again it's your call, however, please give Apple management benefit of doubt until we get the correct info.

    • Well last year's supply issues regarding the iPhone 5 turned out to be spot on. So regardless of Apple's incentive and intent to be prepared, it could, in fact, happen again. And some of the evidence suggests that it has.


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    • if fabricated then why 5C in stock and 5S not in stock? why carriers complain of low supply of 5S? they in on conspiracy too? not everything made up by shorts. some problems are for real. 5S had fingerprint chip problem. reason for shortage. Apple would know strong demand for 5S and would have made enough. problem was out of their control.

    • Please note that this is my take on supply issue.

    • 1000% agree with you, I think this supply constraint issue is another fabricated lie by short side analysts to take Apple’s share price down very unfairly. These analysts do not have any knowledge about this AAPP Company. They planning and prepared for year for their new IPhones 5c 5s back to June I read some news , They already massive produce these IPhones, Therefore no supply issue Just because too much demand on 5s IPhone.

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