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  • beprepared4infinityandbeyond beprepared4infinityandbeyond Sep 23, 2013 3:15 AM Flag

    5C selling to children while 5S selling to

    The rest of the world!!!

    It’s the story that few are talking about yet those few realize that the 5C is meant as a cheaper, colorful more affordable phone for parents to upgrade their younger Children to while they and the older ones are busy upgrading to the 5S. This is the real story but it could take until earnings for the world to discover Apple’s real motives behind releasing the 5C (for Children)… Do your homework, millions of ipod owners are ready for an upgrade to a smartphone and Apple has finally released one that is in their parent’s budget (when subsidized within a 2 year contract).

    People keep talking about Google going to $1000

    Within a year Apple could surpass Google in and exceed that $1000 target… Thanks in part to the 5S, Apple’s new golden child and the 5C for our children… Apple just significantly increased potential sales and most are too blind to see it.

    See you at $1000 and Beyond

    May all your dreams come true...

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    • The "C" in 5C was meant for Children... not China. What Apple saw in their declining ipod sales was that children are switching over to phones and becoming the largest growing market segment. Apple is brilliant in capturing this huge segment and tethering them to the apple brand for life.

    • great idea


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      • I love tonight’s SeekingAlpha press: Could a new responsiveness report be bad news for Apple? It turns out that Apple’s touch interface is nearly twice as responsive as anyone else. Of course this is good news for the 5S and the 5C but the reason it is bad news is because now their competitors know what they need to fix… ROFL, I suspect that their competitors have know for a very long time that Apple has a faster touch interface; the problem is the technology was basically invented by Apple and they own a ton of patents. You can bet that when their competitors come up with a better design then they’ll release it, but you can also bet that they’ve been working on it for quite awhile and still they haven’t caught or passed Apple. I have no doubt that they eventually will but by then millions will have a chance to explore Apple’s new OS and face it folks the OS is really Apple O’Secret to success. IMHO, IOS7 is a beautiful operating system and soon customers will be talking more about it than the size of their phone.

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    • Where is the new iTouch? Apple often releases a new iTouch at the same time that they release a new iPhone. Tonight I read that Children are no longer updating their iTouch products; instead many are upgrading to smart phones. IMHO, this lends credibility the idea that Apple designed the 5C for children. Children love having creative ways to express themselves. The 5C gives them up to 30 possible color combinations for expressing themselves via five colorful phones and six different cases (how much does Apple make off a $29 case?) Of course, children aren't the only ones who love creative means for expressing themselves so undoubtedly a few adults will upgrade to the 5C.

      If the 5S is Apples new gold standard then the 5C could be Apple’s secret golden child as many families choose to upgrade to both.

      Give it time, I suspect we’ll see the 5C showing up in families all over the world.

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    • I've talked to several parents who did exactly that. They bought the 5S for them-Selves and the 5C for their Children. Kids appear to really take to both the colorful phones and the colorful cases so Apple gets a nice boost from both. Honestly the Apple 5S leather case is probably one of Apple's best innovations; easy to produce yet it looks great on both new and old versions of the phone. At $39 for the case Apple must be making a significant profit.

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