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  • j.gervasi j.gervasi Sep 25, 2013 9:46 PM Flag

    Anyone selling at this point needs to stop trading.. Aapl is up 20% in 2 weeks and..

    It simply went through a correction today.. This is appl and earnings will rock.. Most profitable company in the world with lines still extending out of the stores after the launch.. Wake up people and trade with ur head

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    • Not again! Another surprise?

    • Speaking of people who shouldn't be trading... ummm, how about the guy who can't do simple percentage math? How is Apple up 20% in 2 weeks? The 2 week low was about $450. 10% up would be $495, so as it sits, we're up more like 8% in 2 weeks, and still less than pre-announcement.

      Sorry - I'm just busting your chops - but your math is wrong. I agree, however, with your sentiment. This was potentially two things happening. 1, some profit taking from a very short upward run - consolidation, and a correction to ready it for it's next move. And, 2, probably some manipulation to keep it under 500 before OPEX. It's worth about $30,000,000 to keep it under that number.

      I expect a series of 10-20 point up days on the near horizon, especially as more info on strong sales in China, etc, comes to light over the coming days.


    • WS says zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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