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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Oct 7, 2013 4:00 PM Flag

    My Daughter's Name is "Obama". She Wants Me To...

    ... cover the bill on her credit card, which she ran up to a $Trillion Dollars.

    I told her I would do it, but that we first had to have a talk about somehow reducing the degree to which she was running it up each month.

    She refused.

    She said I should just pay it, and she refused to negotiate.

    In fact, she went to the radio station and convinced them to bad mouth me so that all of her friends would hate me and trash my approval rating in town and get people feeling sorry for her.

    My concern, is that my daughter is going to bankrupt me... but what am I going to do to get her to reign in her spending. She has everybody in town talking badly about me... and all the while, she's out there buying "non-essential" stuff.

    As things stand now, I've only got another 5 or 10 years before I'm just like Greece. My daughter is draining my bank account with her spending and I've borrowed close to $18 trillion dollars to meet her spending requirements, not to mention the $3.7 trillion she has put on my wife's (her name is Ben Bernanke) account that has to someday be un-wound.

    Any Suggestions?


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    • I wish I could help, but it sounds like you're screwed.

    • Divorce the wife, declare bankruptcy, blame the wife. Alot of others have been there, they'll understand . . . except the Chinese, whose wife's are obedient and subservient, except when they're murdering British ex-pat's.

    • I suggest that you ask people
      to pretend that your analogy
      is actually comparable

    • Well written post. And oh so true. What you have in this country now is soon to be " X-Tax Payers" who've had enough of this insanity and will use legal tax loop-holes to pay even less in taxes. Dumping these massive debts onto the poor, lower middle class, the middle class and upper middle class. The Millionaires and above in this country are finding ways to side step this problem so as to dump this on those who're already over-taxed Americans.

      Obama Care is a tax pure and simple. Google the questions "How Many Taxes Do I Pay " or " How Many Taxes Are There " ? I put that out there because 99 percent of Americans chose to bury their heads in the sand as to face the truth. 99 percent of American's don't have a clue as to how many taxes they pay. If you chose to Google that question, make sure you're sitting down.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • My suggestion is for you to get neutered.

    • But she spends your money on friends and bums on street corners paying their way through life. Afterall, your rich and they aren't. You need to share your wealth with them.

    • At least your daughter's name isn't 'Bush' racking up 1.5 Trillion in Iraq. Being a 'Republican' you probably taught your daughter very well how to stupidly spend money she doesn't have.

    • It's really simple. You kick her out of the house and make her and all of her little handout buddies live on their own and find out how hard it really is. She will find that her credit card is no longer valid in the world and her words meaningless. She will learn that Public Radio is full of liars and that she does have to think for herself.

    • hey numb nuts, Congress "spends" the money not the President. Were you home schooled by your trailer park republican parents ? LMAO

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      • Thanks for your input, casecard.

        No, I didn't grow up in a trailer park, but I just got notified by my health insurance carrier that my premium will be well more than double what I was paying in 2011 not that my daughter's "Affordable (sic) Care Act has kicked in (almost trippled counting the higher deductables/out-of-pocket in the "bronze" plan).

        As a result, we're going to have to actually MOVE to a trailer park in order to afford the premium.

        Not LMAO... not at all... there's nothing funny about any of this.


    • The problem here is YOU told her to spend the money and now you do not want to pay the bill? WHY? Buyers remorse? If you do not like the bills stop approving them and stop creating a war to keep your friend happy.

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      • Actually ace_zipp and blitz... here's where we're at with this:

        Last week, I called the credit card company and told them she could only charge "essential" stuff on the card, and that "non-essential" stuff was off limits.

        Now, she's refusing to talk about it ("negotiate", actually) at ALL, and she's calling all the radio stations and talking incessantly about wanting me to pay the card off with a "clean bill".

        So now, I'm hinting aroung about doing EXACTLY as you suggested, ace_zip, and telling her that the danm card is HER problem, starting on October 17th, unless she is willing to talk with me and maybe give up 1 or 2% of the debt that she's racking up on that credit card.

        So far, she's COMPLETELY REFUSING to negotiate, and is threatening to not pay off the balance on the card unless I'm willing to completely pay it for her, with no strings attached.

        Guys, I've had the better part of a dozen Children that I've raised since my first child (named Harry Truman) and EVERY ONE of them was willing to sit down and negotiate to some degree back when the credit card bills were much smaller...

        ... My daughter Obama is the FIRST one that refuses to negotiate about ANYTHING at ANYTIME. She just grabs her golf clubs and credit card and heads for the mall every time I bring it all up!


      • ace... it's more like mom said it was ok to spend the money that dad earns and dad is tired of it. Mom represents the D's and Dad represents the R's.

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