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  • cookindabooks9 cookindabooks9 Oct 20, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

    Serious Question

    Was iPhone 5c designed to be a failure. Was it designed and priced so that more customers buy the higher priced higher margin 5S? If you recall, the 4S was still selling very well up until last quarter and thus eating into iphone 5 sales.

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    • I am so surprised by this, my daughter and all her friends wanted the 5c more than any other, I think it's a teen thing. Maybe it's just a local craze, I thought the 5c would be the big one the way our local store sold out so quickly, the kids were more into the colors I think.

    • Yes, cant you see the genius of Cook? Design a product that would guarantee failure and thusly keep the share price down for buy backs. Just think, a lesser priced phone with decent margins that would appeal to the Chinese market might have sold big. Good thing that didnt happen.

    • scropos21 Oct 20, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

      Designed to be a failure? Hmm ... umm ... no! Here's my theory. Apple was married to the production line of the iPhone 5. The tooling and dies were all paid for, and the investment was great. However, they didn't forecast selling the type of numbers that they were looking for, by *only* releasing the 5S. Therefore, and rather brilliantly, they refined the camera and the battery life of the iPhone 5 a little bit, slapped the world's best plastic casings on their phones, offered them in 5 colors and lowered the price point $100 for what was a new launch. The result? The phones have sold *incredibly* well. You can listen to the "35% drop in production" theories all day long, but they don't mean a thing. We have no idea what Apple's initial *supply* of these phones was. However, what we *do* know is that carriers, across the board, have said that *both* models have sold well, just that the 5S demand is off the charts. That's sort of diminished, albeit on a relative basis, the sales of the 5C. But make no mistake about it, these phones will continue to sell and sell well.

      And just wait until all of those refurbished iPhones that Apple has ben accepting as trade-ins hit the emerging markets and China. You're looking at a *huge* profit margin on those phones and a whole new demographic of iPhone users.

    • Are u outta your F mind?
      Apple F up period.
      Why would they intentionally put out a bad product and try to sell millions of them.

    • Quite possible

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