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  • manfrombeach manfrombeach Oct 30, 2013 2:21 AM Flag

    This Kind of Idiocy Will One Day Reverse Itself and AAPL Will SOAR...


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    • i agree. will see a similar price reaction like NOK. down to 6.75 then jump to 7.4 on the next day. AAP is ridiculously cheap. i see it lower though for now. buy in below 500. now i am short LNKD, Farcebook, NFLX and Amzon with turbo option hugely out of money to be on the safe side. one year from now thes will be much lower and i mo we saw the peak with NFLX at nearly 400

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      • Wishful thinking. AAPL isn't playing the game the right way. NOK now is.

        Take a look at NOK's results. They lost 2 cents a share, but then report a 1 cent gain non-IFRS. Every quarter they lose money and have an endless series of "one time" charges.

        Wall Street hasn't bought into it before, except now that NOK sold the handset unit there is something to pump. NOK can also claim their North American sales surged, even though they practically gave the phones away.

        This is the kind of "growth" Wall Street wants. It doesn't care about actual profits, it cares about the metrics the stock is traded on. Numbers have to keep going up, or Wall Street sells it off.

    • Sadly, it will take another year for that to happen. First, AAPL needs to have lower YoY comps. For example, AAPL didn't show "growth" by having a higher EPS than last year. Next year Q4, the comp will be $8.26. With buyback lowering the share count, AAPL could easily hit $9.25-$9.50. Wall Street will see 15% "growth" and be happy. AAPL will rocket higher. AAPL set the bar too high for itself last year and it will take time for Wall Street to forget how succesful this company is. Only then can AAPL start heading up again.

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