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  • fredd369 fredd369 Nov 1, 2013 11:06 PM Flag

    Why are there so many Apple Haters? So many Apple bashing articles?

    Just wondering why? Why isnt there more ANDROID bashers? or android haters?

    I own a Samsung S4, used to be an Iphone4 user. I loved the iphone4 - the iMessage, SMOOTH facetime, icloud auto backups, the response times, the stability - list goes on

    I abso - &(&#$(% lutely hate my S4. Its incompatible with my dlink or linksys router and samsung doesnt want to do anything about it (SERIOUSLY?). it FREEZES almost every day with occasional crashing. If more than 5 apps are on, the phone LAGS and i mean response time cut in half.. Not to mention no auto backup feature, no video chat (google hangout is pathetic) and more....

    YET apple gets bashed? WHY? The Price?? last i check S4 and 5S are the SAME price after 2year contract

    Any explainations

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