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  • bigbizluvr bigbizluvr Nov 7, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    Dear Tim Cook: Here's why you should resign and return every dollar you've received since Steve Jobs died.

    On Dec. 5, 2012 when AAPL was at $547, you told Brian Williams "Don't bet against us (Apple), Brian, don't bet against us" Seeing how APPL went to $383 on April 14, 2013, a scant 4 months later, I'd say you gave Brian Williams and anyone else who heard your comments some very, very bad advice. In fact, betting AGAINST Apple was exactly a brilliant thing for an investor to do, now wasn't it. A 30% drop since you told everyone to not bet against Apple, now that's pure CEO genius!

    You also said that things were sure to get better, as soon as Apple released a bunch of new exciting products "in the fall of 2013" Well, the fall of 2013 is here and the products that Apple released are neither new nor exciting. You really don't know what you are doing in the CEO's chair, do you.

    You have in the past made comments that China is the future for Apple, and everyone knows that you mean China Mobile is the future for Apple. You have seen all the stories about the coming Apple-China Mobile deal, which has never materialized, and you also know that your boss (shareholders) are expecting you to bring such a deal together, in fact, that deal is way overdue and your boss is not happy. Yet you sit back and keep your mouth shut, totally ignoring the concerns of your boss. And then you treacherously lead everyone and their mother to believe that the China Mobile deal was a done deal when you announced that the new iPhones would be announced in China on the first day for the first time, giving your boss some hope that finally perhaps you might know what you are doing as CEO. So you are either totally inept, delusional, or one grotesquely sick M|_|THA F|_|CKER!!!
    So please clean out you desk, go home, and fade into the sunset................never to be heard from, or of, again.

    You boss (shareholder).

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    • bag_and_hold_investing bag_and_hold_investing Nov 11, 2013 11:50 PM Flag

      You want nothing but straight lines up, happy sunshine days forever and ever, and nothing but "winning!" (to borrow a line from Charlie Sheen). You want Tim Cook to walk through the park and sing with you like the opening of 'Sesame Street' ("Sunny days, chasing the clouds away..."). Sadly, life and business do not work that way. I wish I could see your sorry butt running this colossal organization. You would have been curled up in a fetal position under your desk the minute margins fell under 40%.

      Have you ever held a Samsung smartwatch in your hand, or seen it in person? I live in South Korea and I have. It's such a worthless POS that not even young Koreans will buy it. Obviously, AAPL is trying to design something beautiful with the iWatch. A device that has standalone features, is water resistant, and doesn't need to be repowered for days. In short, something that someone like me (who tends to misplace things like phones) would absolutely love to buy. Do you have any idea of the technical hurdles to be overcome in said design? Of course not! You're an idiot and think everything is supposed to be easy.

      The same could be said of iTV or the all the stops on the road map Steve Jobs designed before he died and entrusted to Cook to follow. 6 years between iPod and iPhone. 3 years between iPhone and iPad. Think about that. Innovation and brilliant design takes years, not months. You want Rome in a day. Partner, you live in a fantasy world.

      Man, I could write forever, but I'll stop here. The simple fact is that Tim Cook is giving you the buying opportunity of a lifetime and you are spitting in his face. If you want straight lines up (and the associated risks) go roll the dice and buy yourself some TSLA. Me? I'll keep adding to my position, reinvesting my dividends, and stick to that old Buffett dictum of being greedy when others are fearful.

      Said it before, say it again. It ain't a sprint, fool. It's a marathon.

    • Any one who thinks this post should be given a thumbs down is a liar. If you are LONG, you cannot have any faith in Tim Cook. He has lied. New products in Fall 2013? There was NO new product in Fall 2013. The CHL deal has been held off so Apple can buy back stock. This company is arrogant and will see it's timely death just like it did last time. I lost this round I will come back for my laugh and revenge. In time. Amen.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • bag_and_hold_investing bag_and_hold_investing Nov 12, 2013 12:00 AM Flag

        Please read my posts above and below. Thanks.

      • Thank-you. But just be clear, I never called Tim Cook a liar, I just implied that he is clueless, incompetent, and ineffective. I don't believe he intended to mislead.

        My gripe is that Apple, a company that I love, whose products I use extensively without grief, would be the strongest chain in the universe were it not for its one weak link, who unfortunately sits at the top and is extremely difficult to excise from the body.

        Apple's got the best talent going: engineers, scientists, designers, marketing, managers. It is a tragedy that their talents and efforts and successes are being overshadowed by a wimp CEO and a toady board of directors.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I gave Tim a year to see how he does but unfortunately I feel the innovation pace has slowed down under his leadership. It is good to focus on the company and its products, but as a publicly traded company you also have responsibility to shareholders. If you don't want to report/deal with shareholders then please go private(lots of companies do). In my opinion he has been okay at the helm driving new products(though the pace is quite a bit slow), he has been an absolute disaster for the shareholders($700 down to $520) and if Apple share continues to struggle for another 6months-year, its only a matter of time before more shareholders will start voting for replacing the board and the CEO. Also the fact that he cannot close a China mobile deal is a big issue.. it keeps getting pushed out year after year.. You can blame China Mobile for it but some of the blame also rests on Apple/Tim. After all CEO's should be accountable for both success and failure and CHL deal not happening after being talked for years is a failure, just like iPhone 5s is a success.

    • The truth is: We don't need the China Mobile deal at this point. Apple has increased 5s production by 75% and still can't keep the supply chain stocked. I feel it would hurt Apple to roll out on China Mobile before they get output where it needs to be. I would be happier to see a CM deal announced in January with plenty of time for the Asian holidays. Apple has plenty of demand for their products right now -- before the CM deal.

    • Can please someone start demonstration`?? It seems to be that Tim Cook doesnt know that investors are unhappy!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • A case of Over-promised and Under-delivered, OPUD. If you ask any sane shareholder, as a CEO of a PUBLIC company this is a death nail. He would have been better off keeping his mouth shut, rather than hyping the stock when he knew all along there are no new product categories coming until 2014. When SPX had one of its best runs in history from 11/12 till now and aapl under-performing so badly, as a long-term shareholder I would be #$%$ off, and I AM. Timmy is just a great Chief Operating Officer, and that's it.

    • So you can't be satisfied with Apple bringing out the best mobile phone and the best tablet in the world that operates on the best OS in the world. Nor the new touch access and improved world class computers satisfy you. Nor adding T-Mobile and DoCoMo to the customer list. Nor are you satisfied with the larger dividend and huge stock buyback. Nor buying key companies for the future. You are nothing more than a whiner and get another thumbs down. So what if the China Mobile has not been officially announced. So what if dumb ace shorts have controled the stock price. You should have bought more. I bought as much as I wanted; my single biggest stock investment now.

    • suewlk Nov 9, 2013 9:51 AM Flag

      @bigbizluvr, read my reply below. Thanks !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I agree on the fall comment, is anyone holding him to task? did he misspeak and mean next fall?
      Does he not know when fall is? he has till Dec 21 for new product lines I do hope he knows when the seasons are.

      Dearest Leader of my Company.

      my trees are bare, my investment in you is down, please prove me you are not the clown.


    • The following is a proven fact:

      When companies start taking the interest of weak-willed, fair-weather fanboys such as yourself or conniving, short-term minded scoundrels like Icahn is exactly when companies start heading downhill. Your list of gripes is absolutely pathetic. Do you really think that when Tim Cook goes to China he even has a second to worry about the financial welfare of an inconsequential nobody such as yourself? If he's not going to listen to iCon with his 1% share of the company, he's certainly shouldn't care a whit what you think.

      Precisely what has AAPL done so wrong in the last year? It's finally encountered serious competition from below and the inevitable law of large numbers from above. In addition, its had to deal with the obsolescence of one of its key products (iPod) and declines in another (Mac's). It's dealt with these disruptive factors with a lot of resourcefulness. First, building a moat around the high end of the market, all the while protecting margins at 37%. It's set up the largest buyback in history and increased its dividend. It's hired out the best of the best (CEO's of Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent) to position itself for new products including an iWatch, iTV, and a iPhablet.

      You should be on your knees thanking God and Tim Cook that you are getting a chance to add to your postion at these levels. And how low are we really? We are only 25% from AAPL's all time highs. From your writing you would think you had a huge stake in BBRY.

      Instead of yapping like a natty yenta, you need to do some reading. I recommend "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" and "The Innovator's Dilemma". These will school you on what is happening to AAPL right now.

      If you don't like it, you can sell out. Just like all those MSFT weak hands got shaken out when Softy fell to $20 a share and held that range for the last few years. Now it's pushing for $40.

      Patience with big caps is a must. It ain't sprint, partner. It's a marathon.

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