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  • frank_capra_04 frank_capra_04 Nov 11, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

    Apple store packed but they aren't buying

    Went to a local Apple Store this morning and saw lots of people inside returning their iPad Air and iPhone. They have stacks of 5S in stock, every color and memory sizes, but no one was buying. Very strange.

    Watch and Learn

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    • suewlk Nov 12, 2013 10:48 PM Flag

      Poor Frank, he never learns a single thing no matter how hard we try and teach him. He's hopeless.
      He's the kid that wore the dunce hat in the back of the class.

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    • You are so full of #$%$

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    • Aren't you just a little embarassed being the rat and joker of the board? You had turned from the biggest Apple BULL into a big liar since last year. What had happened to your brain? Whom have you been watching and learning from? What a waste of live. You were never too intellegent but at least you were a little entertaining. Now you are lying to people daily including yourself. This is not living. Go get a live or get some help!

    • They make the best products by far--people are buying.

    • Will Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) future iPhone refreshes always be twice as nice? According to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty via Apple Insider, Apple will likely continue to release multiple iPhone models like it did this year. Apple surprised many industry watchers this year when it split its previously unified smartphone product line by releasing the lower-cost iPhone 5C alongside the flagship iPhone 5S. The plastic iPhone 5C currently starts at $99 with a two-year service contract on Apple’s website, while the Touch ID-enabled iPhone 5S starts at $199.

      Although some commentators have wondered if Apple’s iPhone 5C was just an experimental attempt to penetrate the mid-tier smartphone market, Huberty believes that the iPhone product line split is here to stay. However, Huberty is not basing her iPhone refresh schedule predictions on mere speculation.

      The analyst made her observations after having a conversation with CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer earlier this week. After talking with the two Apple executives, Huberty called the separation of the iPhone product line “a thoughtful approach,” reports Apple Insider.

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    • Despite the recent rise, Apple is still cheap at under 8x forward earnings after subtracting the company's huge cash hoard. In addition, a deal with China Mobile (CHL) is likely to be consummated soon which should add at least 10mm additional iPhone sales in 2014. Finally, the shares pay a 2.3% dividend yield and the company has over $30B left in a stock repurchase program (Which could go up substantially if Carl Icahn gets his way).

      There are very few large cap tech stocks that offer this valuation with this kind of improving earnings prospects. To put in perspective, IBM Corporation (IBM), which has not been able raised revenues in five years is selling at 10x forward earnings.

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    • In addition, Apple just launched the new version of its iPad, the market leader in the tablet space. Initial reports (I, II, III) seem to confirm this launch is also going better than expected. According to AllThingsD, the new iPads should also have higher margins that its predecessor.

      The upside from this start of the refresh cycle for Apple can be seen in the earnings estimates over the last ninety days. During the last three months, the consensus EPS for FY2014 has consistently and significantly been raised from $43.32 a share to a current $47.80 a share. Look for these estimates to continue to be taken up through the next earnings report.

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    • Well, I don't know which store you went to but people are buying from the NY store. Please read the following report for details.

      By Salvador Rodriguez
      November 11, 2013, 12:06 p.m.
      Waiting in line for a new iPhone on the day it launches is normal. Waiting in line for a new iPhone a month and a half after it comes out is just strange.

      But at the flagship Apple Store in Manhattan, consumers are outside waiting in line around the clock to purchase the iPhone 5s, which came out in mid-September.

      According to PC Mag, Apple's iconic glass-cube Apple Store still has a "huge line" of customers looking for the popular device. Apple is asking them to wait outside the store for the sake of its other customers who aren't shopping for the iPhone 5s.

      The iPhone 5s is hard to come by -- especially if you want the gold version -- but at this point, there's no reason to wait in line for the device.

      All versions of the iPhone 5s are available online with just a two- to three-week shipping wait time, and users can also check the in-store availability of the Apple smartphone by going to the company's website or by calling individual locations.

      Besides Apple, the device is available from numerous retailers, including Wal-Mart, Target and RadioShack, as well as cellular carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

      Apple still has a line at its main New York store simply because it's an iconic location that is known for attracting Apple fans and tourists.

    • People that say "watch and learn" are usually also saying "you've got to understand" and "please don't leave me".

    • Jammed Packed in Asia and people buying lots and lots . Sometimes almost sold out. The shorts are such sun of a beach eat sheet and dye people they will say anyting sun of a beach!

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