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  • trader_guy_01 trader_guy_01 Dec 28, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    market will not like apple icahn fight

    this fight not good for stock price until one side win.

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    • Are you really that stupid??
      Bucky Beaver Carl doesn't own even 1% of this multi billion dollar company He can go pee up a down spout for all Mr Cook and the board cares.
      He's like a sauerkraut and beer fart in in an un-air conditioned church on a hot August morning. Makes a lot of noise and stinks and gets a lot of attention for a short period of time, but the minister continues with the sermon

    • trader_girl_01 you have this one wrong

    • you probably have a short memory. Einhorn rings a bell to you? Einhorn strated also a proxy fight for cash this started the up leg up. Einhorn didn't get what he wanted yet he never sold one share in fact he increased his stake. He did encourged AAPL to do a buy back and dividend. An increase in dividend will come in late march or April if History repeat it self. Buy back could increase also. As for Icahn he said he is in for the long ride, Maybe the FM judge will interview him again and he will say again AAPl is undervalued and that will promt AAPL higher.
      You should do your DD before spewing the daily worthless pile of letters

    • I think this is great..... He got on the proxy without a fight.... He'll be on TV and Twitter a lot preaching aapl's undervaluation story.... AAPL will be telling their story about how much cash they already return to shareholders.

      This isn't a big fight and doesn't matter if its won or lost.... AAPL already returns a ton of cash and will continue to print money and return cash...

      What this does is put AAPL's profitability and undervaluation front and center in the media.... Ichan isn't going anywhere, except TV and Twitter to repeat his aapl story and why he has such a large position...

      Its all good...

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