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  • cardizemcd cardizemcd Jan 3, 2014 9:41 AM Flag

    very Bullish move today!! Gap Covered!!!!

    Last week and earlier this week I keep saying the stock needed to cover that gap down to 551.44.... I really thought the Bears had given up on it because the Bulls were fighting so hard at 553... Tues the stock had a nice up day... figured the Bulls won... boy was I wrong.... I'm happy now.... got that out of the way.... don't really care where it ends today... took out that gap and the stock is all ups from here on out!!!

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    • Ypur gap has nothing to do with the manipulation that goes one very week with this $hit stock! The crookstreet crooks are taking out all the ambitious call buyers every week and making their calls worthless!

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      • don't get caught up in the day to day trading... yes there is manipuation... that is true... BUT look at the long term trends in the stock.. look at the support and resistance going back 6 months, a year, 2 years..... math is math... that aside... look at the fundamentals of the underlying stock/coporation... this is a gift.. $548 is a flat out gift..... I trade this stock, I buy options puts and calls; I own this stock and I own many Apple products.... I see these products at work in all aspects of my life... and trust me.. this stock is dirt cheap at $548..... that gap was important.... it was not huge but it was important... the people that make up trading programs incorporate that type of thing into their algorithyms.... and covering that gap was a part of their trading programs..... day to day.. weekly options mean something week to week and day to day.... yes... that gap being fillled was a big deal... you can't appreiciate it now.... but in a week you will!!!!

      • only If cook #$%$ steps up then everyday this POS is going down

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