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  • melike2304 melike2304 Jan 8, 2014 3:59 AM Flag

    Why is AAPL falling, really dont understand

    Guys, AAPL is livig its strongest era. It will probably report better-than-expected earnings, will live a better 2014 (China strategy, new products). It already has a very strong balance sheet, better than ever. It should go over $600 easily. But I dont understand why it cant? Do you really have an idea?

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    • The Wall Street Big Boys are playing their games to drive it down so they can let it zoom up later. It has nothing to do with the fact that Apple is having a great quarter and mostly great news lately. Remember when they drove it down to $390 and the back to $550? If you are long you have no worries, but if you are in short call options that is another story.

    • According to S&P report fair value for AAPL is $730 in terms of quantitative model. Stock must go in this direction in any case, I believe.

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    • The market believes why apple management is providing any insight into china mobile, products, sales, earnings, etc... Very unpredictable.

    • 1 Someone knows something we don't already and is bailing out : Earnings NOT so "spectacular"? Sales NOT that strong as we think? etc...
      2 The market is claiming for someone who kick out Tim Cook and his bunch of clueless board and get rid of those idiots "investors" who DON'T want someone like Icahn to pressure the board to unlock value from the stock.

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