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  • tannazs26 tannazs26 Jan 27, 2014 10:25 PM Flag


    I am sure I speak on behalf of a large number of shareholders. By the number of thumbs up on my post, it should be apparent that we're all hurting and need you to shake things up at the board and top management levels of Apple. This iconic company with once-superior vision, marketing and innovation, is now run by sub-standard management and a board who is willing to sit back, collect fees and have a zero-risk attitude towards the future. The same board who is now witnessing a number of companies who were not even in the same zip code as Apple, attack Apple's products with superior, more innovative products, taking market share and out-innovating us.
    Mr. Icahn, we all realize that you would enjoy the share price to remain low as long as possible as you would continue to purchase the undervalued shares. However, please fight our fight against mediocrity of the management and the lack of accountability of board members. If you start a proxy battle, a huge number of disgruntled and bewildered investors will back you up. We are all behind your vision and savvy proposal to install a mega-repurchase plan to use the $160B+ stale cash instead of it sitting around collecting dust.
    I wonder if the Apple board cares that the shares are trading at just 13 times earnings while other large tech companies trade for over twice that valuation. I wish that they realize that their job security is directly dependent on how happy the investors are! I wish top management would realize that part of their job is to help keep their company stock at least on par with peers. After all, they will not succeed if shares remain undervalued as they will lose top talent as they watch their stock options fizzle away.
    Again, please push with your considerable influence for the board to come out of their comfort zone and do their job by deploying measures to increase the stock price. We're all behind you 100 percent.

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