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  • drshowme drshowme Feb 9, 2014 12:52 AM Flag

    Melissa Lee

    There are a lot of posts on various threads blasting Melissa Lee for 'bashing AAPL.' Frankly, I don't get it.
    (1) If anyone is buying, not buying, selling, or not selling any security (including AAPL) based on the pontifications of any ANALyst - regardless of the person's media or employer, I respectfully suggest he/she find a different way to make such decisions. [Note the specific spelling of ANALyst.]
    (2) Either Lee has an effect on AAPL's stock price or she does not. If she does not, as I would bet, then like any other barking dog, she is best ignored. IF she DOES have a negative effect on AAPL's stock price, and IF you think AAPL is a good buy (as I do), then be happy the price is temporarily going down since it represents an opportunity to buy at a lower price. ONLY if one has AAPL and is looking to sell - for whatever reason - should one care one whit what does the twit.

    Sentiment: Buy

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