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  • truthiness123 truthiness123 Mar 14, 2014 4:36 PM Flag

    Burrito Seller Chipotle

    Long time Apple investors should stop and think that a burrito seller (Chipotle) is trading at a premium to Apple. That is how bad Cook has ruined this once great company with his tortuously slow, pondering, retentive, approach to being a CEO. Sickening

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    • calls_them_as_i_see_thern calls_them_as_i_see_thern Mar 14, 2014 4:46 PM Flag

      Is Chipotle selling at a premium to the market? Yes. So what is the market cap of CMG? I will give you a clue. Multiply the number of shares outstanding by the current price. If you dislike Cook and Apple, take your money somewhere else and post something meaningful there.

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      • truthiness did post something meaningful here - it may make a difference to a few aapl jihadists - but your arrogant post/thinking matches so closely matches the overall attitude of cook and the aapl culture, its more fun watching you lose your #$%$ in your undying support and blowies for cook and crew. You guys are comical, screaming like delusional burnouts about "apple bashing" and " market share is irrelevant" and how cook should ignore "share price" - well dumsht, that is how the market/wall street values a stock. so simple.

      • I used to be like you--delusional. You can, as I once did, spout fundamental data all day long. Multiples, premiums, etc., etc., ad nauseum. But sooner or later even the delusional will wake up and realize the market is always right. It may be and is a casino, but Apple has floundered and is floundering. You may not like to hear the truth, I know I surely did not. Your invitation to me to sell my double digit 7 figure stake is a bit late. Nice to know that peons like you, little-itty bitty traders invite big fish like me to leave the company. You're as dumb as Cook. What fools. Just remember, I used to be like you.....delusional

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