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  • i_just_love1t i_just_love1t Mar 24, 2014 4:01 AM Flag

    AAPL is just a stock, it can go CRAZY like other stocks, 15% up in a day is not impossible,

    given the right combination of factors like:
    1- massive short gamma at expiration last friday, means lots of sphincters are puckering up as they ready all the news/rumors over the weekend.
    2- the realization someone big came into the market last week, an almost obscene giveaway to good news coming.
    3- most investors that were on the sidelines from the incessant media bashing on apple, finally jump in, say at the tune of 10 million investors each buying an average of just 100 shares, that equals 1 billion shares of buy volume, this is MASSIVE. remember, AAPL can be bought by investors worldwide, not just US.

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    • It won't go up 15% in a day but it can go down 15% or more in a day.

      Watch and Learn

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    • this is the silliest post i have ever seen, ha ha 10 million investors with 50k waiting to jump in, sure
      chance of aapl going up 10% in one day - almost zero, chance of 15% is zero, chance it increases 5% maybe 1 in 3 years or so - why dont you buy some calls?

    • up only $6 as there are no offers, anyone spare a few shares? shorts looking for a few million to cover, wait i see 200 shares offered, i kid u not.

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