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  • kudlowsflooziegirl kudlowsflooziegirl Apr 14, 2014 2:12 PM Flag

    Manipulation in Apple trading has gotten RIDICULOUS

    How can this possibly be legal?

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    • people people people this is all about April options, they expire this week, i said it would tank 3 weeks ago, best time to buy this stock is Thursday, because it will be up $50 next week or two. Don't fall victim to these BS headlines that will be rampit in the next day or two, she still has a way to go, I bet she closes at 500 for expiration. Then next week babam

    • there are lack of buyers... As mentioned below, Cook needs to surprise the mkt, say something, do something outside the box when the mkt doesn't expect it...

      Doubtful an expected dividend increase or buyback will do it... The mkt is sitting, waiting on that.... Out of no where he needs to put out some type of product launch invite, for a wearable or something.... If not, the large holders will continue to swamp the stock with option selling...

    • Tons of manipulation going on today with AAPL. These crooks are just trading between themselves....taking it down $1 and then up a $1. The only way to combat this is for AAPL to release some unexpected good news like share buy back, dividend increase, IPHONE 6 release date. These crooks will have no choice but to let the stock run.

      I am not convinced that AAPL is going to trade at these levels for too much longer. I can see a run up at the end of the day to the $523-$525 range and maybe another spike tomorrow...

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      • They've done the same to other names. FB for instance. Seems to be some computerized system that kicks in when it hits a certain high to bring it down a couple of bucks and then reverses and repeats the strategy. No wonder Joe retail investor is scared to death to invest in the stock market! It is a rigged mess! The SEC turns their head to it!

    • They sell you CALLS, you buy them, they sell their shares on friday leaving some of their calls naked but hammering the price down so the CALLS expire worthless. Then they use the profits to replace the stock, plus bank some profits, then they do the same thing to you next week.

      Want to stop this cycle? Stop buying CALLS, or, alternately, wait for them to set a bear trap, encouraging retail longs to sell CALLs instead of buying them, and creating massive interest in buying PUTs for more than protection. Meanwhile they buy up all the CALL options written by greedy retails and then let the price soar, banking their profits when the CALLS end in the money and they take the retail investors stock from him.

      Either way, they're playing on the emotional investor. A rational investor would note that Microsoft and Apple dabble in a great many of the same areas and paying ABOUT the same dividend, yet if Apple had Microsoft's P/E it would be at $583.50 . . . the BIG difference . . . Microsoft is a DYING company, while Apple is a thriving company. I see Microsoft going the way of HP soon, cutting and selling divisions to go back to its core business and stop dissipating its resources, a mistake Apple has thus far avoided.

      Now, if you want to talk SERIOUS speculation, if Apple had AMZN's P/E it would be selling at a price so high that people would see how irrational Amazon's price really is.

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    • Agreed--How does a 500+ dollar stock stay in like a .30 cent range for most of the day.Computerized manipulation.No matter what Apple does over the next 6 months will make a huge difference in the price.If they sell 50 million phones the analysts will say thats not the 60 million we were expecting.Its dead money.

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    • very mash "Price-Fixing" going on; 'they max their Options profit at the expense of stock... SEC may sumday pick up on this; and maybe not, two???

    • there is no manipulation

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