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  • geist.gunter geist.gunter May 9, 2014 5:44 PM Flag

    Without Steve Jobs, Apple has NO vision....and its results are 100% CERTAIN to deteriorate! PART TWO


    4. ALL streaming music companies are doomed to fail, just as iTunes is doomed to fail within 2-3 years at most. That is because most young people today are STEALING all the music (since ALL songs by ALL artists are available for FREE all over the internet) and that means anybody paying more than ZERO cents for music today is, frankly, a SUCKER. The younger generations are making their own FREE CDs and prefer to select their own FREE songs, rather than have any 3rd party streaming corp select music for them. We are entering a new era in which 98% of musicians will be poor and disrespected....since most will be struggling to earn a dollar and people will regard most musicians as being nothing more than pathetic fools, the vast majority struggling merely to pay their rent. In fact, the only way musicians will be able to earn notable monies today and tomorrow will be via LIVE performance....all pre-recorded music will be FREE!

    Unfortunately for Apple, without Steve Jobs, the company lacks a brilliant visionary. I have no doubt that Jobs would have dumped iTunes some time ago if he had been alive, knowing full well that its days are numbered. Nor would he have embraced streaming music knowing that the only future generators of significant profits in the music biz will come entirely through LIVE music, NOT pre-recorded music, that remains in a never-ending death spiral.

    That said, I WARN you that Apple (and music stream stocks like Pandora) will continue to rise into the close of the year, since the DOW and NASDAQ remain in a SUPER BULL that will continue for years to come....and so AVOID purchases of Apple PUTS or shorts....Apple and the music stocks will NOT crash until early 2015!!!!

    Amateurs, re-read my genius posts on Yahoo boards and educate yourselves about how stocks REALLY trade, NOT the bogus NONSENSE offered up by financial big media whoores, especially those silly little clowns at CNBC, acting in service to their wall street whoore-masters

    This topic is deleted.
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    • OMG! Thank God for the ignore button!

    • Excuse idiot, iTunes is what started Apple's rise to this level in the summer of 2004. Of course you wouldn't have seen it as by then you'd have all but written Apple off. As far as NOT paying for music, it's perfectly fine, IF you're a thief, which since I take it you're an idiot is also a no brainer that you wouldn't have caught.

      Unfortunately for you, and the way markets really trade, real value doesn't go unnoticed for long. That means you can expect Apple's stock price to continue to rise, and for you to continue with your ongoing unemployment issues.

    • So, you know better than Tim l you kust be a genious

    • Apple raked in 65% of all smartphone profits in Q1
      32.2% of unit sales in the first quarter, followed by Apple with 16.2%.
      But Apple leads in profits, raking in 65% of smartphone industry profits. Samsung garnered 41% of the profits, Walkley said.
      Canaccord Genuity says Apple and Samsung have split the industry's smartphone profits for more than a year running.
      Canaccord's global results do not include some of the fast growing Chinese smartphone manufacturers, from whom profit figures are difficult to come by.
      In the U.S., the top selling smartphones at the four major wireless carriers in April were, in descending order, Samsung's Galaxy S5, Apple's iPhone 5S and HTC's HTC One.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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