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  • biglefthook_00 biglefthook_00 Jul 26, 2014 7:10 AM Flag

    that is respect

    Yesterday in the a.m. I posted that I was going to post a new market opinion that would make most drop their coffee. A few hours, Goldman Saks posted a market neutral three month position.

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    • Goldman's call is based on a sell off in the bond mkt and I couldn't agree more, the longer term treasuries (TLT) is as overbought (RSI) as it gets.....

      Interestingly AAPL still is NOT overbought and has room to wiggle higher...

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      • Hedge with a long TBT position then. Would seem to be the thing to do, but . . . remember that US currency is still the international reserve currency of choice. Long term TBills are seen as a very fine way to “secure” your money for larger financial institutions in particular. Those guys are banking LOTS of money despite the new regulations, so they’ll be socking more away into long term safe investments that satisfy the governments rules for financial reserves. For most they find buying TBills keeps the government off their backs. So, the full faith and money of our financial institutions are also almost totally invested in the US Dollar. The time to buy TBT is when you see that faith start to crumble.

    • Many analysts only make a move after what they read here by US, you and me.

      I do not know anything. Even though years ago the biggest hedge funds owner of AAPL e-mailed me..."Maybe we can work out a deal?" My answer was "READ THE MESSAGE BOARD""

      Everything gets posted at real time for ALL not before for a few..

      Transparency + Unity = Profits to ALL

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      • If you think that any legitimate analyst reads this board of sheep, Jew haters, perverts, fake traders, trolls, bashers, unemployed, uneducated, people with nothing better to do with their time, kids, unsupported garbage predictions and so on, you are greatly mistaken. I actually have two CFA friends and a relative all who work with substantial investment adviser and management houses and I can assure you that none read this board or pay any attention to the clowns on CNBC like Cramer. I read this board and post because it is great for laughs. You have lost any credibility by saying that the posts on this board are read by "many analysts" and they "make a move" after what they read here. I can just see a major investment analyst at Goldman reading all the posts by AEA and Sheepy and then going to one of their analyst meetings and saying to his/her fellow analysts "I think we should make a call based on what Sheepy and AEA and Frank Crapo posted on the Yahoo message Board" LOL Get real.

      • Your equation is fundamentally flawed. For every winner there is a loser in the market.

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