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  • going_all_in_2014 going_all_in_2014 Aug 6, 2014 6:51 AM Flag

    Government purchase? Who cares. It's not consumers.

    Bashers will find anything to plug on a down day.

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    • China says public money is not buying Apple devices for security reasons. The rest is subject to interpretation. My interpretation is that China gov't. is not buying Apple devices because they're unable to follow and spy on public employees. It tells me that Apple product security is not penetrable. They'll have to issue computers that are not secure. The private sector is not included and will be buying their own choices.

    • Chinese people are not anything like Americans when it comes to economic patriotism.
      Americans are loyal to their wallets and buy what they think is the best buy regardless.
      Chinese follow their government leaders regardless of what is the best buy.
      If the government announces they will not buy Apple products, that will suffice to prevent the masses from buying.

      I think it is about time American companies realized their days of honest dealings with China are over.

      You may not like India, but its government and people are at least 3 billion times less dishonest. It is also a fumbling democracy like USA.

    • the gov in china is pretty much one of the main consumers of electronic it means many many other parts of china as well since almost all public use (schools, military, police, hospitals, anything under the goverment moniker is effected. China sales cut in half at least not good for Apple and China

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