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  • pebblehead pebblehead Dec 6, 1997 12:32 PM Flag

    the traitor

    my son (the traitor) got his new dell delivered yesterday.

    today he tells me, he spent almost two hours on the phone with tech support, just trying to get the thing to start up.

    the story from tech support was, to the effect, oh, these things are supposed to be thoroughly tested before shipping. yeah.

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    • I�m interesting in now if you have the QuickTake 1.0b for the camera QuikcTake 100, if you have it or now about some body, please contact me at:

      do you now if it�s compatible version with windows???

      Thank you!!!

    • I'm hooked up through Southwestern Cable in San Diego, and their service name is Road Runner (motorola modem).

      I have seen the future, and it has a coaxial cable running through it!


      Ugly day in the market so far. I am still reeling from the ORCL drop this A.M. (Luckily I sold a small position in ORCL a few months ago). ORCL is ripe for picking now! And AAPL is holding up a little bit - up 1/16th...

      ORCL lost $9 BILLION OF VALUE TODAY. (-$9 on a billion outstanding shares!) - WOW!

      GO AAPL!


    • GTE provides cable modem in my area-kind of pricey but definitely no complaints about speed, although it doesn't touch what it is hyped to do, but that's no suprise.

    • Hate to say it, but I agree. Apple seems to be making all the right moves everywhere, except for perception. This is where it counts right now.

      With all that cash, for the life of me, I can't understand why they are not going on a marketing blitz before Christmas/Macworld.

      Always an innovator, I'd like to see something during the Super Bowl that we've never seen before. Just let the users/stockholders design the ad campaign, and dump Chiat/Day.

      They've been quiet. Something big is coming.

    • Who is your access provider through your cable co.?

      @Home? Road Runner?

      I like the idea of an Apple NC for an application such as this, but I know @Home is focusing on internet access through the TV as much as the PC market. Should be an almost equal number of PC's/TV's hooked up through their cable service by the end of the year this year.

      I have next used an Apple product (except those 2c's or whatever the hell they were in Junior High), and can't wait until I have the $$$ to buy a Mac and dump this piece of crap PC I have. An Apple "set top box" would be a great start for me.

      Always on is key. Makes push viable for the home market too.

    • cable modems for i-net sound good to me, too... but are not available here yet. As I understand, problems are: cable companies do not have switchgear in place for two-way use and the speed slows down greatly as the system loads up with users.
      Do you use AtHome? CCOR is a mfgr, also Cisco and the usual gang.

    • oh, accumulate might be like if you saw some lying on the sidewalk: you should pick it up.

    • It was July 2 and APPL was around 13
      I was flying to Seattle for a family reunion (agghh). My brother, who I had not seen for a couple of years, came to
      me up at the airport. The first thing out of my mouth "buy APPL, at 13 it's a steal".
      I spent the ride to his house telling him why. I did the same with everyone that week. I went on and on about how
      great Steve was and how he was gonna clean house. How APPL was back. They laughed and made a point of telling
      me how every construction site around was a sign of Microsoft expanding.
      I got home on the 6th, on the 7th I was driving around looking for a new location for my business with my partner and
      his younger brother. I did the APPL spiel. got home and saw the glorious news. (bye bye Gil) My partners little
      brother called that night to see if I would help him pick some APPL options. (SMART KID)
      ANYWAY we got in
      AUG 6th
      I made 2300% , my brother and the rest of the fam. made nothing
      AUG 7th I sent an email to my bro SUBJECT: feelin' silly ?
      This is the reply:
      Subject: Re: feelin' silly ?
      X-Mozilla-Status: 0011

      You bet your ass I am...YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Any other stock tips?
      If you believe, then preach. If they listen, they will profit; if they don't, they will learn.

    • Maybe I'm a dreamer but I think AAPL's got what it takes to turn it around. I hope Steve's "surprise" at Macworld is more positive than the last "surprise" in November. I watched the stock go down as he spoke. I write programs for and specify computers
      where I work. I'd love to try my hand at NeXT programming language that will probably be in the Rhapsody software. Alot of programmers had positive things to say about it and I'm not talking Appleheads, but people that are PC programmers. I'd love to buy an apple but it's going to take more than a faster chip (G3) to do it. Computers are appliances and it takes more than customer loyalty to have a successful platform. I hope AAPL gets the message, but after those lame commercials I don't think
      so. But, I'm sticking it out with the stock (what else can I do).

    • While I do think AAPL stock will fall lower I do not see it at $12
      any time soon. Yes kstar you heard me right.

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